Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Wings For Life World Run Volunteers Wanted

Ignacio Casale poses for a portrait during the Wings For Life World Run Press Conference in Santiago, Chile on April 21st, 2015
Ignacio Casale, Wings For Life World Run Press Conference in Santiago, Chile
In just over a week I'll be running the Red Bull Wings For Life World Run in Melbourne, Australia. I've some great friends who I'm excited to be running along side with for such an amazing foundation, some of who will be running in different countries, but we'll be all running at the same time.

Coming from an events background I know all to well that volunteers play an important role in ensuring that events such as the Wings For Life World Run being a success. I've volunteered with Red Bull in the past on many events and can say first hand that it's a great experience and one you shouldn't pass up.

If you're unable to run at this years event but still looking for a way to get involved, they're looking for volunteers to assist in the Wings for Life World Run Melbourne event. To take part or for any enquiries please contact or call +61 473 536 451.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Moment To Pause

Pretty...almost like cotton by Carmen D Cluj
Pretty...almost like cotton by Carmen D Cluj
Photographer: Carmen D Cluj
Title: Pretty...almost like cotton

Beat The Winter Blues

San Churro Winter Menu Crème Brulée
San Churro Winter Menu Lamington El Grande Hot Chocolate
San Churro Winter Menu Salted Caramel Tart
One of the many ways to beat the winter blues is to spend time with good company, and I'm not talking about spending time with a furry friend in front of the TV, I'm talking about catching up with friends over a hot beverage and some delicious treats.

San Churro (my personal favourite place to grab a hot chocolate) is releasing their winter menu which features six new indulgent desserts and drinks on Tuesday 28 April. I've had a sneak at the new menu and I'm already thinking about who I'd like to share (or may be not) the Crème Brulée with. It's been refereed to of the star of the new menu. Given that it's freshly scorched with a blow torch to create a crisp toffee layer on top, and has been given a Spanish twist by being served with mini churros and vanilla ice cream, who could resist.

Then again, the other new menu items are the Banana Carmel Cup, Salted Caramel Volcano, Salted Carmel Tart - which looks amazing, Tiramisu Sundae and the Lamington El Grande Hot Chocolate, so their are quite a few deliciously indulgent options to choose from.

If like me you like the idea of spending time with freinds enjoying not just good company, but a great atmosphere and tasty treat why not ctach up and one of San Churro’s stores to indulge in the new winter menu items.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hints + Tips - DIY Luna Inspired Necklace

Lunar Inspired DIY Necklace
With all the hype surrounding lunar and space activities recently this DIY Luna Inspired Necklace is on trend as far as topics of conversation goes. I'm also one for jewellery that has a meaning. To see how you can make your own pop on over to Design Happens and check out their Lunar Inspired DIY Necklace tutorial.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Wings For Life World Run

Wings for Life World Run
I'm generally not one to participate in fun runs. Actually, I think the last one I participated in was the Run Melbourne in 2011 where I had run 5 kilometers. I do recall finishing it and thinking that I should of tried doing the 10 kilometers.

I think that's probably why I love the format of the Wings for Life World Run. The Wings for Life World Run is a unique race, where you run ahead of a ‘Catcher Car’, instead of running towards a finish line. So even though you can set your goal to run a certain distance, whether it be 5km or 50km, once the ‘Catcher Car’ overtakes you, your race is over. Which means you may possibly end up running (or walking, or skipping, or hopping) further than what you originally set out to do. Oh, I should add you get a 30 minute head start on the ‘Catcher Car’!

The event is a global event, with the whole world running at exactly the same time. People around the globe will be taking part in 35 cities across 6 continents, all running for those who can’t. The entire entry fee for the race goes towards Red Bull's foundation Wings for Life which funds research into making spinal cord injury curable.
Nicole Tattersall after running
The Wings for Life World Run will take place in Melbourne for the very first time on 3 May 2015. I've signed up with the aim of running between 5 and 10 kilometers. If I run over 10 kilometers I'll be very proud of myself. I've been training hard and am feeling confident that I'll hit my target of 10 kilometers.

Check out my profile to make a donation to Wings for Life.

Are you in?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hints + Tips - 6 Ways To Beat Back To Work Blues

6 Ways To Beat Back To Work Blues
If you've ever had some time off from work, whether it be to an exotic location or you've spent some just some time exploring your own city, you've probably experienced the back to work blues. This inforgraphic from Medway Leisure Travel has some pretty handy tips on how to beat them. I especially like the advice about looking ahead to the future and starting to plan your next trip.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Introducing 3...

I wish everyone a wonderful Easter Sunday to celebrate here are three facts about the Easter Bunny:

1. Germans who settled in the Pennsylvania Dutch area told tales of the "Osterhas," which refers to a hare, not a rabbit.

2. Pre-Christian pagans worshipped Eostre, the goddess of Spring, whose symbol was a hare.

3. The first story of a rabbit (later named the “Easter Bunny”) hiding eggs in a garden was published in 1680.



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