Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Juddy Roller Presents Choqworld

For one weekend only, the main exhibition space at Juddy Roller is being completely transformed for Choqworld. Featuring the work of acclaimed Parisian street artist Choq and a new video by Selina Miles.

The solo exhibition is based on the life and times, both good and bad of Choq’s world. Growing up in the gritty outer suburbs of the world’s most “romantic” city, Choq knows all too well about the dark underbelly of a place known only for it’s romantic scenery and artistic and cultural roots.

It’s this dark underbelly that has led Choq down a path to recreate this world in a way we can all relate to. The work subtlety reflects his inner most personal longings, his dreams and his goals. His weapon of choice to express such complex emotions? Cartoons of course.

Choq uses his cartoon worlds as a way to connect with a range of people; both young and old, rich and poor. This is the inherent beauty in Choq’s work. He crosses socio-economic values and ties in an attempt to bring people together as a whole and forget about the superficial differences. His work explores complex themes and attempts to offer a satirical critique of the modern world.

Choqworld - Choq and Selina Miles
Where: Juddy Roller Studios, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Exhibition Opening: 20 March 2015, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: 20 - 22 March 2015

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