Sunday, March 1, 2015

Introducing 3...

Autumn Beauty Natural Must Haves - Coffee, Honey and Coconut Oil
Don't get me wrong I love the long warm days of summer, but I do love autumn too. Cooler evenings, the changing of the colours in nature and autumn fashion, it feels so earthy and back to nature like. Each season I've introduced three beauty products that I think are a must have, this season I'm changing things up a little by introducing three beauty products that you can find in the kitchen and how I like to use to them as party of my beauty regime.

Ever since I was a child and the only honey we had in the house was that from the bees that my Grandad kept, I've been passionate about buying raw honey. It tastes oh so good, and has so many fantastic health befits, that I've never bought over processed honey. Plus it has so many uses when it comes to looking after your skin, hair and nails.

I primarily use it to lighten up my hair by mixing three tablespoons of honey with two tablespoon water. Applying it to my hair after shampooing, then after an hour I rinse it well. Followed up by using my conditioner as per normal.

I also use it as a moisturising mask once a week, by spreading one teaspoon raw honey over my face after cleaning it. I let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rising with with tepid water. My skin feels so soft afterwards.

Coffee Grounds 
I don't mind a cup or two or more of coffee during the working week, when at home it's no different either. Well kind of is... when at home I use a french press and I hand grind the beans, it's a way of taking some timeout and slowing things down. Which seems odd when talking about coffee, if you think about it. Why coffee grounds as a beauty must have? I keep the grounds to use as an all over body scrub. I simply scrub the crumbly goodness all over my body for a natural exfoliate. Sloughing off dead skin cells it leaves my skin feeling all refreshed.

Coconut Oil
Recently I've become a fan of coconut oil, using it both in and for preparing meals, as well as a beauty product.

As a pore cleanser I mix it with one of my other favourite natural ingredients, honey! I mix one tablespoon raw honey with two tablespoons of coconut oil until the mixture is spreadable consistency. I then apply it to my clean, dry face, massaging gently in a circular motion, avoiding your eye area. Once done I then rinse it off with tepid water.

It's great to use to remove eye makeup. Just put a little on a cotton ball and gently sweep it over your eyes. Coconut oil does a great job breaking down waxy, inky eye makeup, and leaves the eye area hydrated too.

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