Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hints + Tips - To Attend That Blogger Function, Or Not

Last Thursday I went to attend the How to Become a Full Time Blogger event at General Assembly, I had booked my ticket way in advance, left work on time to make sure I was there at 6pm, drove through peak hour traffic in the city, parked my car in a car park and arrived at the event. Though I did not stay, after lining up to get in, I found it way too over crowded and noisy, so I left. On leaving I overheard phrases being said like "it's on a first come first served basis" and "you should of arrived earlier", as they were turning people away.

I was rather frustrated by the whole experience, for a couple reasons, one was that I had double booked myself that night and chosen to go to the discussion instead of the other event, the second being that it cost me valuable resources, including my time to get there, only to walk away empty handed.

On reflection I do find it interesting that an event titled How to Become a Full Time Blogger managed to do what all good bloggers shouldn't do, and that is piss off their audience. It was not just me who left feeling rather cheated.

Would I attend a similar event in the future? Probably not. Am I interested in the topic and hearing what other bloggers have to say on it? Most certainly. So I've not lost complete interest, I just feel that when you commit to attending an event of this nature you should weigh up what resources you're giving up to attend and what you expect in return. 

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