Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hints + Tips - The Science Of Posting On Social Media

The Science Of Posting On Social Media
There is so much information out there guiding when and how many times you should post on certain social media channels. It can all be rather overwhelming at times. I think that you can learn something from all that information.

Take the above infographic for example, yes, I should probably be doing two blog posts a day, actually that's what I use to do, how I managed it I don't know. However the times that they recommend to post a blog post conflicts with what information I gain about my blog and when people are visiting it. In this case I can see value to me in posting twice a day, but using my own analytics as a guide as to when it is best to do so. I also agree with the fact about peak time being on a Tuesday and Wednesday, this is in line with the information I have in regards to my blog.

When looking at the information that is being presented to you, take from the areas that best suit your personal or business goals. If Pinterest isn't a big driver for you or your business, maybe it doesn't really apply, or it's not something you really want to do, don't feel pressured to pin five things a day to your boards just because someone says you should. Also don't feel limited to just five pins a day if that doesn't suit you, sometimes I go a little crazy and pin 20 things, especially if I'm researching something. 

When looking at information about when to post, where, and how often, ensure that you look at how it best applies to your business or personal goals when it comes to social media. Take the time to compare the information being provided with other information, whether it be your own analytics, other sources that you use as a guide, or even your gut feel. If it doesn't seem right, it probably isn't - within reason though.

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