Monday, December 1, 2014

Painted Surfboard Fins Up For Auction

Last Saturday I went for a surf with the lovely Jean and Tim down at Torquay. After being in the water for a good two hours or so, something happened that kind of put an end to my time in the water for the day.

I took off on a relatively small wave in the shore break on my surfboard (shaped by Scott at Outereef and painted by Guz, the chick with the gun) and made a turn around Tim, who was in the water with a camera. Well... as I made my turn, supposedly the look on my face said it all. As I felt my board run over some rocks the look on my face had changed from happy to concerned, or so I've been told. I knew I had done one of three things, either guttered the bottom out, ripped out a fin or two or three, or just scratched the fins. I was hoping for the latter. Though this was not the case. I had successfully ripped out the middle fin, causing damage to the fin and board. This was the end of the surfing session for the day.
Fast forward a few days... it dawned on me that why not turn this negative into a positive. So I've painted the fin set that was in the surfboard at the time (including the broken one) and am auctioning them off on eBay.The funds raised will go towards repairing the surfboard, replacing the fins and anything left over will be donated to Fin Free Melbourne, a cause I'm passionate about.
Fin Free Melbourne create awareness and advocate towards creating a shark fin free Melbourne.

All three fins are now available to be bid on; Great White (the fin that broke), Flamingo and Sea Turtle. All three auctions are due to close Sunday afternoon.

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