Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hints + Tips - Learning Something New

For a longtime I've believed that you can learn something new from everybody you met. Whether it be a greater understanding about a topic you knew very little about, something more life changing such as an idea on how to live, or something completely different.

I've found that more so than ever I'm learning more from other people. Probably due to the fact that I suddenly found myself single, and as a result I've been meeting new and interesting people lately.

So what are some things that I've learned...

There was one guy who only in just a few weeks made me see just how much I was living to work and not working to live. Though he himself doesn't play a massive role in my life I've found that through meeting him that my take on things has changed and that I'm more conscious of wanting to work so I can live. That in it self is a pretty massive thing to acknowledge and do something about.
If you haven't heard the saying you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. In short it's an idea around a work life balance that fits around your lifestyle.

This one might sound odd, but learning to smile. I met a lovely young lady whose smile is infectious. As a result she oozes fun and confidence. I only got to meet her once but since that chance meeting I've most certainly been more aware of the power of simply smiling. Seriously try it. Make an effort to smile during an entire day and you'll notice the difference not just in yourself but how people interact with you.

More recently there was a guy who only after meeting with a few times has inspired me to be more human with my writing. This I've found isn't just about my blog but also in my work. I feel that I've been inspired by him to be more a story teller than a fact giver. Without his influence I doubt I would of ever of written this post. I'm seeing the results and I'm noticing a positive difference both personally and professionally.

Whilst each person I've met has been under different circumstances, there is no denying that I've not learned something from each that has improved my way of life and how I live each day.

Another way of looking at it is as if each person were a blog you were flicking through for the first time, there has to be at least one article (in most cases, but not all) that you learn something from, just that meeting a person allows you to engage with them in a real life and not online. So get out there, meet people and learn something new, and who knows maybe you might teach someone something too.

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