Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hints + Tips - What Happened When I Unfollowed Almost Everyone On Twitter

Last week I took a risk, and unfollowed almost everyone I was following on Twitter. Yes, I did what many may be considered to be social media suicide. Based of what happened when I unfollowed everyone on Pinterest I wasn't too sure what to expect. However giving the nature of Twitter, and the I'll follow you if you follow me mentality of some people on twitter, I did anticipate a dramatic drop in followers.

Before I get to what unfolded after I unfollowed almost everyone, I should probably explain why I did it. I was interested to see what would happen on Twiiter given what happened when I unfollowed everyone on Pinterest. I also noticed in the last few months that there was very little appearing in my feed that was of interest to me, there was a lack of engagement with others and the tweets I was wanting to read were getting lost in a bunch of crap.

I was following around 1,600 people and am now following around 250. After I unfollowed almost everyone I refollowed some key accounts I like to follow and engage with.

So what happened? Well... over a week I've lost around 100 followers. Do I care? Well not really, I do keep track of who unfollowed me and I get the feeling that a majority of these accounts were held by people who subscribe to the idea of 'you follow me, I'll follow you back', not an idea I'm fond of. I believe that with social media and especially twitter that it's a give take relationship, if who you're following isn't sharing content that is of interest to you then no matter who they are (including me), you should feel okay to unfollow them. I've now also since found that I'm finding great content to engage with and  I'm no longer feeling like I'm in a room full of people just spurting out stuff. Whilst the level of engagement hasn't risen by much, my enjoyment of twitter has.

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