Saturday, June 7, 2014

Moss Installations By Edina Tokodi

Edina Tokodi - Penguin and Polar Bear
Edina Tokodi
Edina Tokodi - Polar Bear
Edina Tokodi
Edina Tokodi - Penguin
Edina Tokodi
I've a little bit of  thing for art and design that highlights the importance of looking our planet and all the creatures on it. Which might explain why I've fallen in love two moss installation pieces of a penguin and polar bear by Brooklyn-based artist Edina Tokodi. Both of these species are threatened by climate change and like these pieces will they change over time or simply cease of exist.

1 comment:

  1. Are those actually made of moss?! How cool! What a 'natural' form of art!

    I also love art that brings light to how beautiful the Earth really is. I think in today's society full of technology and 'screen time' we sometimes forget about that




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