Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hints + Tips - What Happened When I Unfollowed Everyone On Pinterest

Over the weekend I took a risk, one that may have people thinking "NO!". I unfollowed everyone I was following on Pinterest. Yes, I did what many may be considered to be social media suicide. The results have actually surprised me.

Before I get to what unfolded after unfollowing everyone, I should probably explain why I did it. I lost interest in seeing what was being posted by those I was following, it seemed to be very much same same but slightly different or things that were no longer of interest to me. I was going to the search section rather than seeing what the people I was following were pinning. I also found that the reasons I started on Pinterest were not being fulfilled, such as:
  • Discovering new things that inspire me.
  • Finding new blogs to read.
  • Sharing my own content from my blog, CURVY and other social media accounts. 
  • Expressing who I am through sharing great content. 
  • Finding new things to lust after.
As I believe that with social media that it's a give take relationship, if who you're following isn't sharing content that is of interest to you then no matter who they are (including me), you should feel okay to unfollow them. I do not subscribe to the idea of 'I'll follow you if you follow me'.

After I unfollowed everyone I refollowed some key accounts I like to follow and then went and found about 100 others who were pinning relevant content and had similar interests to me.

So what happened? Well... I'll be honest I expected that I would have a mass unfollowing of followers and a huge reduction in people liking and repinning my pins. That was not the case, in fact I had an increase in followers of about 40 people in the 24 hours that followed and an influx of people liking and repinning my pins. I also have found new things that inspire me, I've started following some new blogs, I discovered new things to lust after and am feeling that I'm expressing who I'am through sharing great content. I've also found I have a new found love for Pinterest and am now taking the time to see what those I'm following have pinned.

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  1. excellent. tabula rasa ... blank slate and start again. love it.




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