Monday, May 19, 2014

CURVY 9 and Semi-Permanent

CURVY 9 and  Semi-Permanent
This week is the launch of CURVY 9 as part of Semi-Permanent in Sydney. Though my involvement is less than what it has been in the past I'm delighted to say that my drip animals make an appearance in the latest edition of CURVY and I've sent some original works plus one of each of my Dangerfork prints to be available at the CURVY exhibition.

The talented females included in the latest CURVY book are Anna Hammer, Anne Higgie, Anneli Olander Berglund, Autumn Whitehurst, Bec Winnel, Claire Martin, Claudine Doury, Desert Designs, Diane Irby, Edwina White, Eirian Chapman, Elke Kramer, Elodie, Emi Ueoka, Emma Leonard, Gemma O’Brien, Georgina Ross, Georgia Perry, Greedy Hen, Hayley O’Connor, Henrietta Harris, I And the Others, Iveta Vaivode, Julie Fordham, Kaethe Butcher, Kaff-eine + Lucy Lucy, Kate Banazi, Katie Johnson, Kelly Thompson, Kelly-Ann Denton, Kirbee Lawler, Laurissa Onato, Lee Grant, Lillian Choo, Linda Linko, Lucinda Wolber, Marcela Bolivar, Maria Rozalia Finna, Maricor Maricar, Martine Johanna, Megan Frauenhoffer, Mel Stringer, Neryl Walker, Nicole Tattersall, Phoebe Johnson, Polina Kniazeva, Rebecca Hayes, Romina Quiros, Satu Maaranen, Seabastion Toast, Stacia Hadiutomo, Tamara Dean, Tamara Voninski, Tiffany Rysdale, Youngwon Kim and Zanzan.
Tiger Shark and Great White by Nicole Tattersall
As part of the CURVY 9 exhibition I've three original pieces on display "Tiger Shark", "Great White" and "Flamingo".
Nicole Tattersall Dangerfork
"Cheetah Flow", "Flamingo" and "Weedy Seadragon"screen prints through Dangerfork by Nicole Tattersall

In addition to the originals there will be one of each of the limited edition screen prints that I've done through Dangerfork available. This is the first time that they've been made available outside of Dangerfork.

If you're interested in attending the launch for Semi-Permanent and CURVY 9 in Sydney at Carriageworks this Thursday please visit the CURVY website for full details.

Let's Do The Time Warp

Rocky Horror Show
One of the world's most loved Rock'nRoll musicals has hit the stage in Melbourne, Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show is now playing at the Comedy Theatre.Wrapping up its National tour.

To give you a little background into my relationship with Rocky Horror, I can recall watching it when I may have been about 8 years old and listening to the soundtrack on tape (yes, I'm of that generation), then when I was 13 or so watching this cult classic and being mortified that my parents let me watch it so young, as I had worked out what it was about. However it doesn't stop there... my mum went along to see Rocky Horror at the theater several times in her 20's and the very same fluffy jacket she wore then was the one in our dress-up box. Now several years on I too have been to see it being preformed on stage and well... I loved it! It was everything I expected and more.

If you're not familar with the story line it all starts on one dark and stormy night (as all good stories do), where squeaky clean sweethearts Brad and Janet embark on an adventure they'll never forget, stumbling upon the flamboyant Frank N Furter (Craig McLachlan), the ripped Rocky, a mysterious Riff Raff, the vivacious Magenta and the ultimate show stopping toe tapping gal, Columbia.

Whether you're a fan from way back like myself or you've never seen the show before, get along to the Melbourne Comedy Theatre and experience what this cult classic is all about. Though be prepared to be swept into a time warp where madness, fun and frivolity take control... oh and pleasure!

 Rocky Horror Show plays at Melbourne Comedy Theatre through till 13 July 2014 and tickets are available at

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Drip Animals At ArtBoy Gallery

Last weekend I hung in my latest body of work featuring my drip animals into ArtBoy Gallery in Prahran. These works convey the message that if we don't look after the environment and the creatures that inhabit it, animals such as the Panda, Lesser Panda, Humpback Whale and others may just fade away. Recently the Baji White Dolphin (2006) was declared extinct along with the West African Black Rhinoceros (2006), Saudi Gazelle (2008) and there are many many more that cease to exist on our planet.
Panda Tears by Nicole Tattersall
Panda Tears by Nicole Tattersall
Lesser Panda Vulnerable by Nicole Tattersall
Lesser Panda Vulnerable by Nicole Tattersall
Humpback Whale Tale by Nicole Tattersall
Humpback Whale Tale by Nicole Tattersall
Hanging a new bod of work is a little different to having a solo exhibition, there is no opening and no red dots and the works will be on regular display at ArtBoy Gallery until they find loving new homes. If you're interested in seeing these pieces you had best be quick!

As part of the install of my new works I also painted my much loved Sea Turtle on the panel out the front of ArtBoy Gallery too.

Monday, May 5, 2014

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

Kung Fu Panda copyright Dreamworks 2014
I love winter in Melbourne, it's not just the fashion and the way the city looks but that we have the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibitions. I always look forward to hearing about what is coming up. This season I was delighted to hear that at ACMI it was going to be all about DreamWorks and the journey from sketch to screen.

As my birthday is in April I was going to treat myself to this exhibition as I've loved previous ones such as those featuring works from Pixar, Disney and Tim Burton. Each and every one has been an absolute feast for the creative in me. However I was lucky enough to be offered a double pass from Haystac to see DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition, which oddly enough turned out to enhance my experience of the exhibition.

So who was my plus one? Well a friend of mine and fellow artist who works as an animator and just so happened to of worked at DreamWorks on some of the animations that were on display. I got to ask them questions and find out some odd bits of information about what it is like working at DreamWorks.

Though I'm not going going to tell you who the friend is or what tales they told me I'am going to tell you what I thought about the exhibition.

In short, it is amazing and well worth checking out, whether your a fan of just one of the animations such as How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek or Shark Tale, or that you've a keen interest in DreamWorks and how they go about creating this much loves animations from scratch.

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition truly does provide an unique insight into the creative process behind the studio's on-screen magic and a rare glimpse into their artistic and visionary approach to animation. You get to experience what it is like to ride a dragon in a 180 degree cinema experience (yes, I watched it twice), see the works of the artists from digital paintings to rough sketches, have a play with creating some animated pieces yourself, see models of all your favourite characters and see inside the process from sketch to screen.

If you're in Melbourne take the time and check out this exhibition as it is a visual feast.

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition
ACMI, Melbourne, Australia
When: Thursday 10 April - Sunday 5 October 2014, Open daily 10am - 5pm (Thursdays until 9pm)  Cost: General Admission Full $22.50 Concession $16 Child (4-15 years) $10 Family Pass (2 adults & 2 children) $50 Family Pass (1 adult & 2 children) $32.50.



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