Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hints + Tips - Stationery To Help You Prepare For The Best Year Yet

Officeworks is helping students prepare for their best year yet in 2014 with super stylish stationery. I put this to the test with a trip to my local store armed with a gift voucher courtesy of Officeworks.

2014 is my final year of studying Commerce Marketing as a part-time student. Each year when I restock my supplies I don't just think "Oh I need a new ruler, that one will do". I think about how that ruler or other piece of stationery will fit into the rest of my life. Which is probably why when Officeworks spokesperson and fashion stationery expert, Leah Coleman says "Studying gets glamorous with stationery doubling as fashion accessories. Think pencil cases that double as a clutch, iPhone covers that are also a slim line wallet, and handbags that have phone charges built-in for the student on the go". I get rather excited.

So... on my trip to Officeworks what did I get and why? 
  • Study Mate aluminum 45cm ruler in black - I've lost my long metal ruler I use when cutting stencils and a black metal one is a nice stylish replacement.
  • Apple memo pad - I've been after one for awhile to grace my desk because they are so cute. 
  • X Brand plastic eraser - whether it be school, work or art related I can never have enough erasers. 
  • X Brand spiral notebook with a plastic pocket - if you've ever seen me at an event, work or school, you'll notice I've lots of random bits of paper placed between pages. The plastic pocket will hopefully prevent me from losing important bits of information. The pages are also very creative friendly, they are not lined, but have little dots in a grid like pattern. Whether it's sketching out an ad idea or taking down important notes, this notebook will be perfect.
  • Posca black poster marker - a good permanent marker comes in handy and this one is a nice size to take on the go with you.
  • X Brand mechanical pencils in 2H, HB and 2B - these not only look stylish with their minimalistic design but are lovely to write with too. Plus coming in different weights they speak to my creative side. I can imagine using them both in the lecture room and in meetings. 
Officeworks encourages you to surround yourself with stationery that inspires great work and sets you up for your what will hopefully be your best year yet at school, work and life.

Officeworks have kindly offered a $50 gift card for me to giveaway to one lucky reader - what a way to kick off 2014!

To be in the running to win:
1. Comment on this post telling:  What one stationery item could you not get through work or school without?

The competition will run for two weeks, so get your entry in by Tuesday 4th of March, 2014 5pm AEST to be in the running.

Whoever leaves the most creative comment will be declared the winner and contacted via email, so make sure you link to a place where I can easily find your email or leave your email address so I can contact you.

Open to all readers within Australia.

- Now Closed - 


  1. My large metal ruler. Whilst its main use is assisting when trimming photos or measuring large items. It also comes into a world of its own to help me get things down from high shelves and has been known to help me open a tin or two of paint over the years. Pretty much the most used item, after pens, on my desk (well leaning on my desk) so it helps in every area of my work!

  2. Reamsof paper for my bears
    they'll draw, colour, fold,
    cut and paint and will never share.
    Just as long we never run out
    Or else three bears all day shall pout
    Paper is what we need
    That's all that matter
    wILL definitely make me one happy mother.

    1. Congratulations Cubbieberry you've won the $50 Officeworks gift voucher!

      Nicole x

  3. Lots and lots of post-it notes, you can never have enough. They are so useful for marking pages, leaving reminders and have so many other uses too.




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