Sunday, December 14, 2014

Introducing 3...

December might be well known as the silly busy or the month where you're running around frantic, but I did manage to find some time to do some pretty neat things, here are a few pics from Instagram account that show what I've been up to over the past week...
By Nicole Tattersall
By Nicole Tattersall
By Nicole Tattersall

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Introducing 3...

Summer Beauty Must Haves
Hello warmer weather, longer days and moments with close family and friends, it's summer time! Summer is a great time to tone things down and to relax. For me beauty wise it means keeping things simple and natural, whilst still protecting my skin, hair and nails. Here are some of my favourite beauty must haves for summer.

Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 15
What's not to adore about a light, all-in-one multi tasker that moisturises and protects like a cream and covers like a foundation. The Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 15 provides lasting hydration, SPF 15 protection and skin tone correction while concealing imperfections and soothing redness for even natural coverage and a healthy glow. It really is a key product to use when it comes to creating a natural look. Available at Natio.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle
I use my hands all the time, whether it be at work typing up emails, to painting a new artwork and everything else in between. As a result my hands, including my nails get a bit of a beating. This salon strength formula doesn't just supports fast nail growth, but it protects nails so they can grow out longer, stronger and more beautiful. Available at Sally Hansen.

Bellabox Subscription
Whilst this is not one articular product, but a selection of products sent to you each month I still find it  summer beauty must have. Each month you receive a gorgeously wrapped box of beauty samples specially tailored to your beauty profile. There is a mix of seasonal products in sample sizes and full sizes, the sample sizes are perfect for throwing into your overnight bag for those summer road-trips!  Available at Bellabox.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Personalised Gifts With Officeworks

I like to give gifts at Christmas time that have either a personal or creative touch to them. So when I was asked by Officeworks to create some meaningful gifts using their Kodak Picture Kiosk this festive season I couldn't resist, I just had to say yes.

I created a small range of gifts to put under the Christmas tree using the Kodak Picture Kiosk both in store and online. Both ways were super easy, though I'll be honest I did enjoy doing it in the comfort of my own home with a cup of coffee within reach more so.
In store, using the Kodak Connect App on my phone I printed off some photos for a family member so they can fill their picture frames at home. This particular family member rotates photos on a regular basis. Also whilst in store I picked up some photo frames for them to add to their collection too. Each 4"x6" Kodak quality print is only 10c, and when Officeworks have such a great assortment of frames, what a nice personal gift a framed photo makes for anytime of year.
For one very proud dog owner I couldn't resist but get a 6"x8" Calendar featuring their beloved pooch, as a little something extra. It was only $1.89 to have printed, which really is nothing.  

Ordering online is a little different because you don't get it straight away, but with most items outside of being a normal print you do have to wait a few days until it's either delivered or available for you to pick up in store.
I wanted to create something for an arty friend of mine who walks all over Melbourne. So I asked for one of their designs, which they sent me. I think they think I'm cutting a stencil for them, little do they know it's something I hope they'll find a little more practical. I've placed their design onto an Aluminum Drink Bottle ($29.95), which I'm sure will come in handy over summer when exploring Melbourne.
I also wanted to make something with one of my own artwork designs too. So for one special child this Christmas I've made a Jigsaw Puzzle ($27.95) featuring my Tree Kangaroo illustration I drew a few years ago.

I loved creating these personalised gifts through Officeworks using the Kodak Picture Kiosk. I did have to hold back, it did cross my mind to create a personalised mug for everyone I work with or give everyone in my family an apron with their pet(s) on it. The thing I enjoyed most was that I was not just limited to cheesy family photos; I could make things using my own artwork too.

For inspiration on creative and personalised gift-giving, check out Officeworks ‘How To’ videos or join in the conversation on social media via #creativechristmas

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hints + Tips - Learning Something New

For a longtime I've believed that you can learn something new from everybody you met. Whether it be a greater understanding about a topic you knew very little about, something more life changing such as an idea on how to live, or something completely different.

I've found that more so than ever I'm learning more from other people. Probably due to the fact that I suddenly found myself single, and as a result I've been meeting new and interesting people lately.

So what are some things that I've learned...

There was one guy who only in just a few weeks made me see just how much I was living to work and not working to live. Though he himself doesn't play a massive role in my life I've found that through meeting him that my take on things has changed and that I'm more conscious of wanting to work so I can live. That in it self is a pretty massive thing to acknowledge and do something about.
If you haven't heard the saying you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. In short it's an idea around a work life balance that fits around your lifestyle.

This one might sound odd, but learning to smile. I met a lovely young lady whose smile is infectious. As a result she oozes fun and confidence. I only got to meet her once but since that chance meeting I've most certainly been more aware of the power of simply smiling. Seriously try it. Make an effort to smile during an entire day and you'll notice the difference not just in yourself but how people interact with you.

More recently there was a guy who only after meeting with a few times has inspired me to be more human with my writing. This I've found isn't just about my blog but also in my work. I feel that I've been inspired by him to be more a story teller than a fact giver. Without his influence I doubt I would of ever of written this post. I'm seeing the results and I'm noticing a positive difference both personally and professionally.

Whilst each person I've met has been under different circumstances, there is no denying that I've not learned something from each that has improved my way of life and how I live each day.

Another way of looking at it is as if each person were a blog you were flicking through for the first time, there has to be at least one article (in most cases, but not all) that you learn something from, just that meeting a person allows you to engage with them in a real life and not online. So get out there, meet people and learn something new, and who knows maybe you might teach someone something too.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Painted Surfboard Fins Up For Auction

Last Saturday I went for a surf with the lovely Jean and Tim down at Torquay. After being in the water for a good two hours or so, something happened that kind of put an end to my time in the water for the day.

I took off on a relatively small wave in the shore break on my surfboard (shaped by Scott at Outereef and painted by Guz, the chick with the gun) and made a turn around Tim, who was in the water with a camera. Well... as I made my turn, supposedly the look on my face said it all. As I felt my board run over some rocks the look on my face had changed from happy to concerned, or so I've been told. I knew I had done one of three things, either guttered the bottom out, ripped out a fin or two or three, or just scratched the fins. I was hoping for the latter. Though this was not the case. I had successfully ripped out the middle fin, causing damage to the fin and board. This was the end of the surfing session for the day.
Fast forward a few days... it dawned on me that why not turn this negative into a positive. So I've painted the fin set that was in the surfboard at the time (including the broken one) and am auctioning them off on eBay.The funds raised will go towards repairing the surfboard, replacing the fins and anything left over will be donated to Fin Free Melbourne, a cause I'm passionate about.
Fin Free Melbourne create awareness and advocate towards creating a shark fin free Melbourne.

All three fins are now available to be bid on; Great White (the fin that broke), Flamingo and Sea Turtle. All three auctions are due to close Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Introducing 3...

With Christmas just around the corner there is also Kris Kringle's being organised in workplaces around the world. I know the pain all to well of drawing the name of the head of Human Resources who I knew nothing about, as they were a closed book.

Though just because you know very little about them that's no reason to give them something dull. Here are some ideas for gifts for those who you know and don't know so well when it comes to Kris Kringle...

Robbin from Animi Causa
Personlised Playing Cards from Officeworks
Spanish Hot Chocolate and Mug from San Churro

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Introducing 3...

Over the past week I've posted a handful or so of images on my Instagram account, here are just three that I thought you may like to see if you haven't already...
By Nicole Tattersall
By Nicole Tattersall
By Nicole Tattersall

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Leaving ArtBoy Gallery

After much thought and umminng and ahhing I had a chat with ArtBoy Gallery in regards to the direction of where I'm wanting to take my artwork and what I want to be doing as an artist. The outcome of this chat was that I'll no longer be stocked through ArtBoy Gallery.

I'm very grateful for all the support that I've received from ArtBoy Gallery over the years and it's been an absolute pleasure to exhibit and work with them.  

I may return back to ArtBoy Gallery in the future, though for now I'm looking forward to just painting because I want to, without the pressure of exhibiting and selling works.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

San Churro, Is Making Way For Its Next Generation Store

The purveyors of Spanish chocolate, San Churro, is making way for its next generation store with a brand new one on Brunswick street, Fitzroy. I was treated to an invite to go along to be one of the first to see it earlier this month!

To celebrate its launch there was a one night event where we were treated live music, complimentary beer, wine and sangria (of coarse), delicious canapés, along with a bevy of other Spanish delights including the much loved churros.  

The new store is much larger than the original store in Fitzroy, there are spaces to huddle around with friends to catch up on all the latest news over cups of Spanish hot chocolate, areas to sit outside to watch the world go by and spaces to enjoy a quite moment indulging chocolate treats.

It was a wonderful night, and me and my guest thought we could finish off a towering plate of delicious churros, yet our eyes were most certainly bigger than our stomachs.

If you're in the Fitzroy area I recommended popping in and checking out the new San Churro store, they really have taken things up a notch without compromising the pleasure one gets when enjoying one of the many Spanish chocolate treats from the menu

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Red Bull Flying Bach Is Back In Melbourne

Red Bull Flying Bach
Following sell-out shows in 2013, Red Bull Flying Bach returns to Melbourne as part of a national tour. Having of seen Red Bull Flying Bach in 2013 I can assure that it is something very unique. In the most magnificent way it introduces classical music to the street scene, whilst also introducing to the fans of high art to the the best in urban dance.

Red Bull Flying Bach shatters the boundaries between classical and urban art forms, fusing the elegant masterpieces of visionary 18th century composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, with the unrestricted and explosive dance style of four times world champion breakdance crew, Flying Steps.

As piano, harpsichord and electronic beats are compounded with head spins, power moves, freezes and ballet steps, a storyline that revives and visualises Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier is created, providing art in motion that delivers an unforgettable experience for the audience.

“Red Bull Flying Bach really offers something unique – it introduces classical music to the street scene, but also allows high art fans to experience the best in urban dance.” explains Vartan Bassil, choreographer and mastermind behind Red Bull Flying Bach.

“The sharpness, freshness and coolness of Bach’s preludes and fugues work faultlessly with the dance style of the Flying Steps. When this type of breakdance comes together with the sound of piano and harpsichord, the incredible masterpieces of Bach are brought to life and made relevant for a modern audience.” says Christoph Hagel, Artistic Director, Red Bull Flying Bach.

Red Bull Flying Bach
Where: State Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
When: 2 - 4 October 2014, 8.00pm
Duration: 70 mins (no interval)
Tickets: All Tickets $69.90 *Booking fees may apply

A little something for you:

Red Bull have kindly offered me the opportunity to bring along one lucky reader and their guest with me when I go see Red Bull Flying Bach at the State Theatre on Thursday 2 October 2014 at 8pm.
To be in the running to win:
1. Comment on this post telling: If you had wings and could fly, where would be the first place you'd fly to and why?

The competition will run until the 29th of September, 2014, 5pm AEST. The winner will be announced on the 30th of September, 2014.

Whoever leaves the most creative comment will be declared the winner and contacted via email, so make sure you link to a place where I can easily find your email or leave your email address so I can contact you.

Open to all readers within Australia.You must be able to attend the event. Costs associated with getting to and from the event are not included.

- Now Closed - 

Congratulations to Alex!  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Introducing 3...

At the moment I'm doing a bit of clean out of stuff and I'm finding the feeling of freedom after letting go and the selling of unwanted items or items that no longer have a real use in the house so rewarding.

Here are three of the items I'm currently selling on Gum Tree that you might just be interested in...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Introducing 3...

Spring Beauty Must Haves
Do you smell that? It's spring in the air and summer is just around the corner. It's time to start shedding those layers of clothes, and getting outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Spring for me beauty wise is a time to look after my skin and hair, to embrace warmer weather scents and as always use products that are not tested on animals. Here are some of my favourite beauty must haves for spring which help me look after my skin and hair.

Kora Organics Purifying Day and Night Cream 
I'm in love with this light-weight daily moisturiser from Kora Organics. It's blended with natural and organically grown plant extracts of Grapefruit, Mandarin and Green Tea that help to control excess oil while providing the skin with optimum hydration. Available at Kora Organics.

Crop Pure Rosehip Oil
For several years now I've always had Rosehip Oil in my bathroom cabinet, it's a lightweight, rapidly absorbing, natural oil with Vitamin A properties to assist in fighting the common signs of ageing and helps to restore damaged skin. I love massaging a few drops of The Crop's Pure Rosehip Oil on my face after cleansing. Available at Crop.

OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
It might seem a little odd that my hair is damaged from being in the and around the ocean, though the sea has healing powers too when it comes to damaged hair. Algae and kelp are great when it comes to hydrating hair, along with a bevy of other sea minerals. The OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is packed full of goodness from the sea and smells divine too. Available at OGX.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dripped - Homage To Jackson Pollock

Dripped is a short film by Léo Verrier and produced by Chez Eddy, that pays tribute to famed artist Jackson Pollock. This short animated film takes you to New York in the 1950s as Jackson Pollock sets out to find his creative voice.

Through the jazzy music, muddy tones and colours Pollock tries to see how he fits in with the well known greats, such as Picasso, in a most unconventional manner. His actions are more fitting to that of an art thief with an appetite for art that is almost literal.

I don't want to ruin the end for you, but the film does lead you the moment where Pollock discovers his characteristic, colourful style, that we've come to know and see today. What a glorious moment it is to.

Dripped is both clever and beautiful, it's an ode to inspiration and innovation within the contemporary art world. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hints + Tips - The Changing Workspace

Might seem like I've workplace space on the brain lately, however I did find this infographic from Alliance Interiors interesting. It looks at what changes are yet to come in regards to the changing workplace as an outcome of the office becoming less business-focused and more employee-oriented.

Some of the most noticeable points are trends towards: 
  • Open offices
  • Mobility and ergonomics continue to be major concerns 
  • Merging the indoors with the outdoor 
I do very much like the trend towards merging the indoors and outdoors, even if it is just a little pot plant on your desk. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rebel 8 And Mike Giant Tour

 Earlier this year during May and June REBEL8 founder Joshy D and artist Mike Giant visited both Sydney and Melbourne, to paint, skate and inspire. The recap video showcases the trademark lifestyle of these two gents, and highlighting that they most certainly are part art genius and part business entrepreneurs. The recap video is shot all in black and white of course! See more photos of the tour on the Rebel8 blog.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pfeiffer Collection By Evernote

My love for Evernote as a digital note taking solution runs deep. So you can imagine my delight when I found out that they've collaborated with product designer Eric Pfeiffer to create a selection of desktop accessories with a twist of mid-century style.

Made from soft touch plastic, the collection features not just items that hold your everyday office things, like pens and stuff, but to  hold your phone and tablet too. The pieces also feature acents of  with either solid walnut wood or brightly colored bases. They are so simple and practical in their design.

Now if I only I had a need for new items to add to my desk - sadly I don't.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hints + Tips - Master Your Workspace

I'll be honest my office space and I have an on again off again kind of relationship. There will be days on end where I'm not far from my desk and then I will not visit it for a while. During my time away from my desk the piles of paper just keep getting bigger and bigger, then I'll bite the bullet clean it all up and we're back working together again.

I do have a few work spaces around the house:
  • I've a space outside where I paint
  • A space inside where I cut stencils and do a bit of painting too
  • Then there is my office where I study, file stuff, do design work, get a bit arty, blog, work from home and do other things that aren't all that exciting to share
Recently I was approached by Officeworks to help me Master My Workspace - of coarse I said yes. So armed with some gift cards I embarked on a shopping mission to purchase some goodies to improve my office space.
It wasn't just new goodies I was looking for, I was also looking for some ways in which to give my workspace a bit of a lift and make it not just functional but more suited to how I like to work in the space and my style.

Here are some of the things I did to give my workspace a fresh new look:
  • I took everything off the desk, filing cabinet and bookcase and gave the surfaces a good wipe down. 
  • Added some plants to the space to give some life and greenery. 
  •  Bought some new artwork to hang on the wall. If you cant afford an original piece Officeworks has some canvas prints and wall art that may just be the thing. 
  • Placed odds and sods that looked messy on the bookcase shelf into black fabric covered boxes. 
  • Sorted out my pencils, pens and markers. I simply had way to may in the container on my desk, they were spilling out everywhere.
  • A portable speaker in which to play music from my phone through and a mobile phone stand. This stand came from Korea but Officeworks has a selection to choose from - I almost bought another one whilst I was in the store.
What did I buy from Officeworks to add to the space:
  • Paint brushes by J.Burrows - as an artist I love having paint brushes on hand. I really like using these brushes when using watercolour. 
  • Comsol cable to connect my laptop to a second screen. This is incredibly handy when studying and reading journal articles online and researching.
  • Black wire document trays. Yes, I've a thing for black accessories in the office space, black accessories gives the space depth and adds a bit of drama without being too in your face. These I've earmarked for things to be dealt with, filed and passed on.
  • A wooden picture frame that I've used to frame a piece of wrapping paper featuring vintage style illustrations of rabbits, I just adore it. 
  • A nice big clock, why? Yes, I know there is a clock on my computer screen and on my phone, but there is something about not just keeping track of time but the tick toc sound that a clock makes that I'm a fan of.
  • J.Burrows display folders, which I'm now using to present my design and art portfolios in.
Since tidying up my office space I've been at my desk nearly every day either blogging, studying or catching up emails.  When ever I walk past it I get a little bit giddy at just how much more pleasant looking it is than before. 



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