Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hints + Tips - Work Life Balance

Recently I started a full-time role in marketing and social media which I love. Prior to starting I actually said to some people, "I'm so busy I don't know how I can fit a full-time job in?" Well, I have... kinda... work life balance? Pfft!

I've quite a few things going on in my life; uni (Part-time), work (Full-time), art and illustration, CURVY, my own blog, family and friends, and on the odd occasion going surfing or kayaking. Plus general house-keeping and sleep.

I know I've not yet got the right balance going on, just yet, but here are some things I've been doing to try and get it all to work:
  1. Focusing on the important stuff
    For me the two big important things are uni and my full-time job, everything else is prioritised after these two things. I've also let those close to me know that these are my main focuses too, yes, that includes the owners of galleries I work with.
  2. Say no
    If there are things which I've been asked to do, such as a commission artwork which I know I can't done in time. I'd much rather say no and not do it, than do it and rush it. It's easier said than done though. 
  3. Trying to create something of a schedule
    For me it's things like, on a Saturday or Sunday, I'll go through all my emails from the week and reply to any that any addressing. Only those that are super urgent will I address during the week. Making time for the things I love, I'll plan around going for a surf or a paddle. 
  4. Planning
    Trying to get the biggest bang out of my time. Such as if I know I need to go shopping for something, I'll try to arrange to meet a friend for coffee at the same time.
  5. Having the right head space
    When tackling big things, you need the right head space. I need to ensure I'm in the right frame of mind to write blog posts, or to edit the articles for CURVY. Other wise I feel rushed and that's when things go wrong.

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