Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hints + Tips - Promoting An Exhibition

Hints + Tips - Promoting An Exhibition
I get sent quite a number of invites and press releases for art exhibitions and events in hope that I'll write about them. Every now and then I get one, which blows me away with how well put together it is. It's really not that hard either.

Here are some key things that you should consider when sending out an invite or press release in hope that someone will write about:
  1. Make sure you have all the key information
    Have as much information about the who, what, where and why as possible. If it is a group exhibition, make sure you list all the artists names.
  2. Provide images
    Include the flyer along with images of works for the exhibition. 5 - 7 images is generally plenty. Make sure that they are the right size and titled with the artist's name and the title of the work. 
  3. Timing is everything
    At the very least send it out two weeks prior to the event. Sending it out the weekend prior is tight, a few days before is too tight.
  4. Reply in a timely manner
    If asked for more details or images, try to rely to the person in at most 48 hours. 
  5. Show respect
    Recently I got a personal email which blew me away, and hence I wrote about the exhibition. I don't mind a blanket email, as I know what it can be like trying to send out a press release. One thing that grates me is when you can see everyone the email has been sent to. It's not just artists, I've had local councils make the same mistake too.
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