Monday, July 8, 2013

The Collective Yoghurt

To celebrate the launch of The Collective's new yoghurt range arriving on the diary shelves in Woolworth's stores and independent outlets around Victoria, Australia I was sent a few samples. The 170g tub flavours include Russian Fudge, Apple Crumble, Passionfruit, and my personal favourite Rubarb and Strawberry.

To be honest the over use of words such as "ridiculously tasty" and "creamy dreamy yoghurt" in the marketing of the product led to a bit of a let down. The yoghurt is delicious, don't get me wrong, but I really didn't think it met the expectations generated by the marketing hype.

The Collective’s point of difference in the fact that their yoghurts are not only healthy, fresh and made from the best ingredients, but their quirky and traditional range of flavours means that there is something for those after a fruity fix or a not-so-naughty treat. What is not marketing hype is that this natural yoghurt is probiotic, vegetarian, gluten free, gelatine free, preservative free and handcrafted. It's also made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

In regards to them being "ridiculously tasty", well... they are no more tasty than some of my preferred yoghurt brands, but I do love their traditional and not-so-traditional range of flavours. As for being "creamy dreamy yoghurt", without sounding like an awkward situation I've had better. Dreamy? No. Creamy? Yes. I did feel a little naughty when indulging in the Russian Fudge.

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  1. Yummy… I like to yoghurt very much. Usually I eat yoghurt per day. I like to try these different taste also as soon.




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