Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hints + Tips - Hashtags On Facebook

Hashtags have finally arrived to Facebook with the aim to help users better engage with each other and find the content that they're interested in. Over the next few weeks Facebook will roll out hashtags to more users, so if you're not yet able to click on the hashtags you're seeing, you will soon.

According to Facebook, many users already post hashtags. Though simply thinking back about your news feed you may recall many an update by those who post straight from Instagram or Twitter and not remove the hashtags. So it wasn't going to be long until the hashtags actually worked by being clickable and searchable - it was bound to happen.

The other good news (especially for those who post content to Facebook from Instagram and Twitter) hashtags from other platforms are clickable as well. You can now also create posts directly from a hashtag feed and search results.

Overall what does this mean, well it will make it easier than before to add real-time content to specific streams, easier to find content you're interested in and for those posting content using hashtags will make it easier for the content to be found.

Though just a word of  advice, please remember to only hashtag the key words, not every single word.

What do you think about Facebook's decision to finally embrace the humble hashtag?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds interesting! It used to irritate me when people used hashtags on Facebook but I can see that some continuity with the use of hashtags across social media will be a good thing.




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