Sunday, May 26, 2013

Introducing 3...

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Here are three iPhone apps I'm loving at the moment...

Evernote: I've Evernote on my laptop and iPhone and have found it very handy when studying for exams, keeping track of ideas and for just general day-to-day stuff. It syncs via the internet and allows to also take photos, video, voice recording and map locations. You can also tag your notes and save them into different note books.

Any Do: This 'to-do' app has become part of my daily life, reminding me when I have things to do. I think the main reason I like is that is simple in design, all you do is type in what you need to do and cross it off where your done.

Feedly: Whilst I love using Flipboard to find new and exciting articles of interest, Feedly helps me keep track of all the blogs and websites that I love on the go. It allows me to save the posts I want to read latter too. 


  1. I love Evernote! Just recently discovered it and have been using it for blogging, like crazy! Feedly though, I haven't quite figured out.

    1. I use Evernote for blogging too. Feedly is great to filter the blogs/topics you subscribe to and to filter the ones you want to read latter. I use to subscribe to blogs via email or Google reader and now I just use Feedly.





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