Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hints + Tips - What I Learned At agIdeas

agIdeas 2013
Last week I was invited to go along to the agIdeas 2013 international design forum in Melbourne.
The forum is spread over 3 days, during which 40 internationally acclaimed designers share their insights and experiences. The event aims to create an open dialogue about design and open up minds to new creative possibilities.

I attended most of day 2 and 3, during which I took plenty of notes and absorbed a wealth of information. There were several themes that kept coming through in the presentations, no matter the background of the speaker, whether they be a fashion designer or a graphic artist. Here are some of those key themes:
  • Practice - learn, practice and expand upon the skills you need for your chosen field of design. 
  • Show your soul - there should be some element of yourself which shows through in your work, whether it is the type of font, the colour scheme or the overall style.
  • Collaborate - work with others, one of John Barratt's points was "Taking risks with people builds intense work".
  • Experiment and explore - try new ways of doing things, maybe it might be using a material that is not typically associated with the particular craft you work in.
  • Showing that it's handmade - in the work you create the imperfections that come with making things handmade is what can make it what it is. Simon Rippingdale refereed to it as
    "The beautiful mistakes you get with hand made".

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