Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hints + Tips - The Fine Line Of Self Promotion

Recently on Twitter I tweeted, "I believe in self-promotion but there are some people who do it in a way which I think does more damage than good." To which I was asked if I had any tips for fellow bloggers in walking the fine line of good self promotion .

I've since had a look at what others are saying in regards to self-promotion and some of the things that are out there have my jaw dropping to the ground.

However I do like how Nathan Hangen over on Copy Blogger defines it "... self-promotion is the art of spreading ideas, concepts, and a greater vision. Self-adulation is just the promotion of accomplishments, deeds that have already been done."

I think you need to have a balance of both, whilst it's great to share your achievements you need to ensure you're not just creating a list of things you've done.

Some quick tips: 
  • Think about the target audience, who is looking at or hearing what you're saying.
  • Don't be afraid to share links to your website, social platforms, emails ect. 
  • Have business cards on hand, whilst we are in a digital age people still love to be given a business card. It's a non-in-your-face way of sharing your blog. 
  • Create a press section for your blog, it allows those that want to see where articles about you are written without throwing it in their face.  
  • Maybe even follow Decor8 Holly Becker's lead and write one post a week that captures all the "good news things" going on in your life. 
  • Depending on the medium it can be more about self-adulation, such as an online portfolio, where of course it's going to be about the work you've done. 
  • Have a think about those who you think do self-promotion well and look at what they're doing, see if maybe you can do those things too. 
So what promoted my tweet? I wish I could say, but I'm a little too nice for that.

Do you have any tips when it comes to self-promotion? 

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  1. Food for thought Nicole! Love Nathan's definition, it's so true. Some great tips there, thanks for sharing x




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