Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hints + Tips - Blog For The Long Haul

With Google Reader coming to an end very shortly I synced all the feeds I follow to Feedly. At the same time I did a bit of a "spring clean" of what feeds I'm following. There were several things I couldn't help but notice whilst doing so... about three out of every five bloggers I was following hadn't posted in over a year and one out of every five hadn't posted in over two months. I removed myself from following these not so frequently updated blogs.

Some had just simply stopped posting with no rhyme or reason, others had changed sites (letting their readers know) and some announced they were calling it quits.

This got me wondering I know why some blogs/website change domain names, but the other two types got me thinking who just stops and who makes a big announcement but doesn't delete the site? And Why? Some are artists who were also just cracking the scene too.

I've the feeling that more than one blog post is going to answer these questions, though some reasons that do come to mind are...
  • Other commitments, life just got in the way
  • Expecting too much too soon
  • Couldn't see what they were getting in return was worth the effort they were putting in
  • No longer passionate about what they were writing about
  • Stopped making what it was they were writing about, especially artists
I think about why almost 6 years latter I'm still blogging and creating art. I think in part it comes down to the fact that I never expected to be the next big thing over night, and I still don't. I'm in it for the long haul and though I may at times be inconsistent with my output, I'm still there hanging on.

What are your thoughts? Are you into what you're doing for the long haul? What keeps you motivated?


  1. Been at the forefront of my mind also!

    1. We must catch up for a pot of tea soon!

  2. Hi, Nicole,
    My environment blog at http://malcolmtattersall.com.au/wp/ is over two years (and over 300 posts) old and still going strong. One reason is that it hooks into so many of my interests - wildlife, conservation, books, whatever. Another is that it has uses for me (e.g. I use it as a kind of photo diary) as well as for readers, so I have a reason for keeping going even if I temporarily get discouraged about what impact it may have.
    Congratulations on keeping your own going for so long :-)





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