Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We're All Mad Here

Espionage Gallery are dusting off the tea cups and filling up the tea pots for their latest exhibition, We’re All Mad Here, An Alice in Wonderland Exhibition.

With over 70 of the world’s best artists from as far as Stockholm, Vienna, Paris, Toronto, St.Louis, New Zealand, Phillipines, Kobe, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, it’s one of their most ambitious exhibition to date.

I'll have three pieces in the exhibition, alongside what is best described as one mad as a hatter line-up of artists  who are diving down the rabbit hole and interpreting this much loved tale by Lewis Carroll.
Speaking of Lewis Carroll my main reference for my piece 'Alice's Adventures' was  'Lewis Carroll, The Complete Illustrated Works'. Which also contains the original version of Alice' Adventures In Wonderland in Lewis Carroll's handwriting and complete with his own illustrations. I picked it up from a second hand bookshop several years ago.
My piece 'Alice's Adventures', is painted on an old dolls house that was wall mountable. I found it at an op shop in Ararat. It goes through the different chapters of the story, my favourite section is the one of the Mock Turtle.
What Alice In Wonderland themed event wouldn't be complete without Flamingos, so I'm sending the last two of my Pink Flamingo cutouts too.

On Thursday 14 March you too can follow the White Rabbit into the rabbit hole of Espionage Gallery for an exhibition of all things Alice. On opening night there will be a Tea Party visitors and artist can partake in and Espionage Gallery is asking everyone to dress in their best Alice in Wonderland attire.

We’re All Mad Here, An Alice in Wonderland Exhibition
Where: Espionage Gallery, Suite 1, Level 2, 93 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (entrance off Lindes Lane, next to Zu Shoes)
Exhibition Opening:
Thursday 14 March, 6:00pm-11:00pm
Exhibition: Thursday 14 March – Monday 1 April
Who: Robert Sammelin (Stockholm, Sweden), Peter Diamond (Vienna, Austria), Elisa Mazzone (Paris, France), Elodie (Paris, France), Earther (Kobe, Japan), Lisa Vanin (Toronto, Canada), Rishab Gladiator (New Zealand), Jejomar Limbo (Phillipines), Lauren Marx (St.Louis, United States), Rebecca Murphy, Emma Leonard, Kaitlin Beckett, Nicole Tattersall, Lucy Lucy, Be Free, Michael Duncan, Cherie Strong, Renae Awen, Marie Larkin, Joshua Smith, Fletch, Donovan Christie, Caitlin Millard, Jelena V, Jenny Allnutt, James Dean, Rem, Maddy, Peter Fong, Lilian Choo, Alyshia Eming, Fruzsi Kenez, Imee Luz Kristensen, Alex Louisa, Adam Miller, Nic Bic, Alphamanta, Mustachio, Reb Rowe, Tiff Rysdale, Emmaline Zanelli, No Hoper, Laz Gein, Chelsea Hantken, Sally Jo Cook, Kacey Boxall, Backyard Jesus, Michael Carney, Nino Trentinella, Claire Wee, Rain Teo, Ali Harmony Brown, Katie Johnson, Elena Maslarov, Neen, Genevieve Brandenburg, Harry Plane, Lindsay Bryant, Andrew Humphreys, Fredsticks, Locky Berryman, Zedr, Dan Withey, Sarah K, Eden Todd, Sequoia Tsuonis, Andre Ann, Daniel Purvis, Polina Knyazeva, Jarrod Owen, Davide Cavuoto, Roger, Trent Lambert and Sam Tipler
Website: www.espionage-gallery.com and the Facebook Event Page

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