Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Red Bull Collective Art

Recently I took part in Red Bull Collective Art. For those those wondering "What is that?" well
it's the chance for people of all levels to be apart of a single giant work of art, making the world’s largest single, continuous piece. This global project, which began on 11 March, brings the principle of ‘Cadavre exquís’ into the digital world.

Artists are given a 4 hour time-slot in which to complete their work. They simply download their template to work on their image which has a little piece of the previous artwork to them. Once completed the artwork is then added to the entire artwork. Pretty neat uh!

As artists can use any medium they like, I dived into my photos and picked out a photo of a previous painting, one of my sea turtle stencil pieces. Using Photoshop, I made a few alterations to it to make it flow on from the piece before it. You can check it out here
Once the Red Bull Art Collective piece is complete it will be displayed in galleries around the globe. If you want in on the action you've until 31 March to register your interest. I'm delighted to apart of such a great project.

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