Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hints + Tips - What To Write?

Something that I strongly live by is that you need to be out doing things to have things to talk and write about. It's all very well and good to search "top 10 things to write a blog post about", but you need to be out doing things, reading articles, catching up with friends, sharing ideas and really getting a much broader view on life than just what you're limited by through your search engine of choice.

There is so much more to me than just what you read in my blog, I do various other wonderful things, and I wish I could share everything I do, but as a writer I also curate what I write about. Also there are things that I do that due to the nature of it I feel it's not appropriate to write about nor do I find it relevant to my readers. I mean you don't want to hear about my gardening, or how many kilometers I paddled or even what I had for breakfast every single day, do you? I like to share these things every so often to show that there is more to me than art, painting, social media and design.

To create good content you need to have experienced it, rather than just looking from the outside in you need to immerse yourself in it. The best example I can give is that anyone can write an article about a movie, but if you actually see the movie, you've a much better understanding of what it is you're writing about and can have a valid opinion based on your own experience or seeing the movie.

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  1. Stephen King said art comes out of life. Not the other way around. Just like you said.




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