Friday, November 30, 2012

A Moment To Pause

Title: Sugar Skulls, Paper Flowers; Chasing Light, The Golden Hour
Photographer: Brandon Christopher Warren


Lamington Drive is proud to present in it's new space illustration works from Arts Access Victoria, with three separate exhibitions under the title Wildlife.

All opening on the same night is....

Artsider a new publication from Arts Access Victoria, it is a showcase of the leading outsider art currently being produced in Melbourne. The inaugural issue of Artsider focuses on the portrait work of five artists who form the ‘Satellite’ studio based in Monash. Satellite is a weekly arts studio run by Arts Access Victoria in conjunction with Monash Gallery of Art. The artists of Satellite are Vinh Nguyen, Paula Whiting, Joceline Lee, Jeffrey Phillips and Fiona Sutherland.

Ed’s Alphabet is a new children’s Alphabet book by artist Edward Treloar. The book features exquisite drawings in ink and water portraying animals to illustrate each letter. These works were completed over several months at Art Day South, a weekly arts program based in Dingley Victoria and run by Arts Access Victoria.

Kristy Sweeney's Birds is a series of illustrations completed over the past 12 months. Kristy’s highly detailed pencil drawings both faithfully represent her subjects and at times evolve into an imaginary realm. Kristy’s works were also completed at Art Day South.

These exhibitions as one exhibition look worth while checking out, I wonder if I can find some time in my diary to go along.

Lamington Drive Gallery

15 - 25 Keele St, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia (near the corner of Smith Street)
Exhibition Opening: Friday 7 December, 1pm onwards
Exhibition: Friday 7 - Saturday 22 December

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Design In Memory

Recently someone very close and dear to me passed away. They were not only a friend but one of my biggest fans. I was given the opportunity to give a eulogy at the funeral, which is probably one of the hardest speeches I've had to make in my life so far. Inspired by what I said near the end of my speech, I've designed 3 pieces, Aim Higher, Question and Be Curious.

It is in memory of this person that I shall question more often, aim higher and be more curious about things. I wanted a way in which I can be reminded and share with others this message in a clear and yet appropriate way. I feel that through illustration and design I've done this.

I've made the designs available for purchase on RedBubble as prints, cards, hoodies, posters, t-shirts, stickers, iPod covers, iPad covers and baby clothes.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

FanBoy VS ArtBoy: Horror - Re-cap

Last Friday night Art Boy hosted their last FanBoy vs ArtBoy for 2012, with the theme being Horror.

As promised my little illustrations 'Yikes!' and 'Ahhh...' were on show amongst all the gore that goes along with the horror genre.

 Actually there was more gore than I expected. They had kitted out the gallery to look like something from Dexter. People were dressed and acting like Zombies, Hannibal Lecter and more.
Yet to be announced is the which artist the team from SCI-FI & SQUEAM (JOY94.9) will be awarding "BEST IN HORRORSHOW" to.

If you've not yet been to the exhibition make sure you get down there this weekend.

Oh and before I forget they've announced the theme for the next FanBoy vs ArtBoy which will be in February. I'm super excited about it as the theme is Oz, as in "... we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz...".

FanBoy vs ArtBoy - Horror
Artboy Gallery
99 Greville St, Prahran, VIC

Opening: Friday 23 November, 6pm to 8:30pm
Exhibition: Friday 23 - Sunday 25
Facebook Event

GIVEAWAY: Simone Perele

Uni Hill Factory Outlets has given me a $50 gift voucher for Simone Perele to give away to one lucky winner. You must get your entry in by Wednesday 28 of November 5pm AEST to be in the running.

For more information and to enter visit my post A Little Trip To Uni Hill Factory Outlets.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FanBoy VS ArtBoy: Horror

Art Boy are hosting their last FanBoy vs ArtBoy for 2012 this Friday night, with the theme being Horror. Shame it didn't land on Friday the 13th.

"From old school classics to iconic characters, artists near and far have brought their A-game to celebrate one of the greatest genres ever!" - ArtBoy Gallery                               

I did have grand plans to create a piece based on a French film but due to unplanned events occurring and my uni exams I didn't have the time to create it. However recently 'Yikes!' and 'Ahhh...' were returned to me from a gallery and so they'll be on show amongst all the gore that goes along with the horror genre.
Nicole Tattersall - Yikes!

Nicole Tattersall - Ahhh... 

The team from SCI-FI & SQUEAM (JOY94.9) will be awarding "BEST IN HORRORSHOW" to one lucky artist who will receive a pack of goodies PLUS the chance to chat about their art on radio too. 

I hope to see you there and I'm sure as usual there will be some who dress up for the occasion - this time with mandatory fake blood.  

FanBoy vs ArtBoy - Horror
Artboy Gallery
99 Greville St, Prahran, VIC

Opening: Friday 23 November, 6pm to 8:30pm
Exhibition: Friday 23 - Sunday 25
Facebook Event

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing 3...

In the spirit of Christmas which is fast approaching like a speeding train here is the first of my gift guides. Here are three things that I think any creative lady would like to find under their stylish  Christmas tree this Christmas...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Little Trip To Uni Hill Factory Outlets

Uni Hill Factory Outlets in Bundoora sent me a gift voucher to spoil myself at the Laura Ashley store located in their complex - how sweet. I love that at Laura Ashley you not only find beautiful linens, furniture and homewares, but they've a gorgeous range of clothing and accessories.
So what did I end up spoiling myself with? I bought myself a pair of Floral Outline Earings $15, a Fitted and Flare Button Thru Dress $79.95 (was $159.00) which will be perfect for summer and a little something special for someone this Christmas. 

As I was leaving  Uni Hill Factory Outlets I also stopped by Donut King to buy some jam filled balls (yes, that's what they call them) to have with my post shopping coffee when I got home.
I had never been to the Uni Hill Factory Outlets before and I was pleasantly surprised. I only went into a few stores, though I did have a good walk around the complex and found most stores had excellent customer service, stock was clean and tidy, and it was easy to find what I was looking for.

They also offer undercover parking, there is a good selection of shops with quality products and there is everything from party supplies through to shoes. Other stores include Nike, Lorna Jane, Tony Bianco, Rivers, Birkenstock, Politix, Cotton On, Guess with most offering up to 70% off.

After such a great experience I'm sure I'll return next time I need to do a spot of shopping. 

A gift for you to...
It's not just me they are spoiling, they've also given me a $50 gift voucher for Simone Perele to give away to one lucky winner.

To be in the running to win:

1. Like Uni Hill Factory Outlet on Facebook or follow on Twitter
2. Comment on this post telling:  What would you go shopping for at Uni Hill Factory Outlets this summer?  
Competition will run for two weeks, so get your entry in by Wednesday 28 of November 5pm AEST to be in the running.

A winner will be drawn using - and contacted via email, so make sure you link to a place I can easily find your email or leave our email address so I can contact you.

Open to all readers within Australia.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hints + Tips - Get Out There

Recently I made the most important speech of my life to date and oh how I hope I don't have to do another like that anytime soon. I wanted to include in the speech a quote from a creative person during the early 1900's.

So I turned to Ernest Hemingway, I did look into other important creatives during that period including the likes of Salvador Dali, Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, but their words didn't quite have the right feel or context for what I was after.

Whilst flipping through quote after quote from Hemingway I noticed a few bits of advice that I felt were relevant to creatives today. Which simply is to have something to write about or express in a creative form you first need to have experiences. Oddly enough this is something I've thought about when people tell me that they "tried to summon their inner Hemingway". I doubt many people in the modern day could relate to his experiences.

“In order to write about life first you must live it.” - Ernest Hemingway

I find many people don't go out and experience life, take risks or explore further. How can you have something to write about or represent if you don't go out and experience what life has to offer, whether it's a good or bad experience. Yes, there is imagination but I also think that there is regurgitation of other peoples ideas.

For me I strongly believe that what makes a talented creative person is their life experience, which is something that cannot be taught. I think through knowing first hand makes it easier to select the important parts to express.

So whether it be simply going for a walk down an unknown street or traveling half way around the world to live in a new city - get out and experience life.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Keep Upto Date

Last week I hit the big red send button on my latest monthly e-newsletter. There is a recap of what I've been up to in of late, a look at some of the recent pieces I've been working on and even a sneaky bit about some exciting projects I have coming up.

If you wish to receive my monthly e-newsletter in your inbox don't forget to sign up here.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Illustration Friday - Tree

Illustration Friday, is where a topic is posted each and every Friday, then participants have a week to come up with their own interpretation for the topic or find something they've already created that fits. For me it's all in the name of fun and it gets me thinking about topics that generally I wouldn't illustrate or think about. Even if I don't get the time to create something, I enjoy flicking through those that have.

The current topic is Tree and I think 'The Golden Goose 2' is a nice fit. It is the second of the works in the set of four I created for ‘Once Upon’ held at aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney by Leeloo, a few years ago.

The work is in the style/theme that I like to call ‘is it Jack or is it Jill’ which about two children who rather than watch TV and play computer games they use their wild imaginations and high skill level of tearing apart their mothers sheet and table clothes to make wonderous things.

On a rainy winters day they are putting on a puppet show about one of their favorite Brothers Grim’s story ‘the Golden Goose’ for their favorite aunt who has come to visit for the weekend from far far away.


NEXT Melbourne is the inaugural fundraising event for Lighthouse Foundation who support Melbourne’s youth. The event is a celebration of the next generation of artistic talent. Showcasing the amazing talents of creatives working in fine art, graphic design, fashion and music. Whilst also raising much needed awareness and funds for the Lighthouse Foundation.

During the event held at the MARS Gallery guests will not only enjoy fantastic live entertainment and viewing visual artworks but also exquisite food and beverages.
Lighthouse Foundation mural by Reka

There will be music performances by The Sirens, Oscar Lalor, Chloe Maggs, Yeo and Chris Scalzo, and fashion shows displaying the latest collection from designers Adam Tsen and Oscar & Wild. On display will be a number of pieces to view from visual artists including Jeremy Kibel and Santina Amato.

I think it’s wonderful when a group of talented creative people can use their skills to create awareness and support for a cause such as the Lighthouse Foundation.

NEXT Melbourne 
Where: MARS Gallery, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
When: Wednesday 14 November, 6:30pm onwards
Cost: Tickets are $100 and all proceeds from the evening will go to Lighthouse Foundation, assisting disadvantaged young people and helping them to find their way.
Website: For more information, or to purchase tickets, please visit the website at

Monday, November 5, 2012

Going Back To School

When I was at high school I was one of the first Art Leaders, I studied Visual Communications for my VCE. Recently I went back to my old high school as I was invited to say a few words at the opening for their annual art exhibition.

The exhibition really blew me away, I can recall back to the amount of work, the quality of the the and the number of people at the art exhibition when I was in yr 12. This one was at least twice that. There were a few students whose work really stood out and I've since advised them to enter into certain art exhibitions.

When asked if I'd also like to speak to the students the following day during their art classes about my art career, of coarse I said yes.

I spoke to two groups, one yr 7s to yr 8s and the other yr 9s to yr 11s. With each group I shared different things that have happened throughout my life as an artist. Speaking about what it is I do, how I got to where I'am, different people in the arts industry and sharing a little advice. 

I also showed a selection of original artworks that I brought in with me, a few videos and lots of photos.  

I've been asked by the school if I'd like to run a stencil workshop with them in 2013 for the students, I'm really looking forward to doing this.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Introducing 3...

I've a little habit of collecting things and books are no exception. Here are three books that I've in my collection that I think every artist should have in theirs.
• Colour Index 2 by Jim Krause
• The New Artisans by Oliver Dupon
• Whatever You Think Think The Opposite by Paul Arden

Saturday, November 3, 2012

2013 Calendars are Available for Pre-order

Each year I like to create a calendar and 2013 is no different.

If you're keen on displaying one on your wall in 2013 or giving one as a gift you'd be best be quick and pre-order today.

The 2013 Calendar is not printed in a limited edition, though I do only plan to do a small print run. Which is why the best way to ensure you get your copy is to pre-order. All pre-ordered 2013 Calendars will be posted out by the end of November 2012 and comes with a little special treat.

The 2013 calendar is A5 in size, printed on 250gsm FSC Certified, made with Elemental Chlorine Free pulps (ECF), ISO 14001 Environmental Management System stock and features a selection of my artworks painted during 2012. The calendar is bound using a bulldog clip which is re-useable and comes is packaged in recyclable/re-useable materials. Making it very environmentally friendly.

You can pre-order my 2013 calendar via my MadeIt Shop front or feel free to email me.

Riding To The NGA

When we were discussing our trip to Canberra as part of the Human Brochure on the Arts & Culture stream, we really hoped that we would be going the the National Gallery of Australia. Sadly this wasn't the case.

However we did have some spare time between arriving at the hotel and the welcoming event. Knowing this and that at the Diamant Hotel, where were staying has bikes to borrow, our plan was to ride to the National Gallery and check it out for ourselves.

To make things even better, the staff at the Diamant Hotel had put together a little welcoming gift bag full of goodies, including tickets to the Sydney Long exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.

It was a short and easy 15min bike ride from the hotel to the gallery, we rode along the banks of Lake Burley Griffin. Stopping every so often to look at some of the buildings and attractions along the way.
Jackson Pollock - Blue Poles
On first arriving at the National Gallery we checked out the Abstract Expressionism exhibition which provides the opportunity to experience the quality and depth of the National Gallery's collection. Including the infamous piece by Jackson Pollock, Blue Poles.

 Salvador Dali - Lobster Telephone
Next to the Abstract Expressionism exhibition was a stunning of collection of Impressionism, Fauvism and the School of Paris, Ballets Russes, Dada and Surrealism, Cubism, Expressionism, Abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art and Contemporary works. I know it seems like a lot but they do fit into 3 gallery spaces and they just so happen to be my favourite periods of art.

This was where I had the opportunity to view yet again one of my favourite works by Andy Warhol, Electric Chair. I like this piece as it makes me wonder if he had done more controversial works would he still be seen in the same light as we see him in today.

Walking through these gallery spaces was made extra special as my plus one for the weekend has a solid and deep understanding of the Bauhaus movement. Some of the works on display were by artists of this period. I felt pretty special.

One piece on display that needs to be experienced is the piece Hat Rack by Marcel Duchamp. I wonder just how visitors don't even see it. For me it's a piece that shows surrealism at it's best. I would share with you a picture of it but I don't want to give it away. You really need to see it for yourself.

Winding our way through the gallery we made our way to the Sydney Long exhibition. Sydney Long is  best described as Australia’s foremost Art Nouveau style painter and a major Symbolist. It was a magically experience to be amongst so many of his works.

We checked out the permanent collections and the other two temporary exhibitions, photographic works by Carol Jerrems and Word Pictures a collection of artworks about words. The National Gallery of Australia has truly an amazing collection and the temporary exhibitions we visited we're all well worth seeing. We will be going back there next time we're in Canberra for sure.

Abstract Expressionism is only on until the 20 January 2013 and the Sydney Long exhibition runs until 11 November, make sure you go along to see them. 



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