Sunday, October 28, 2012

Introducing 3...

I think it's only fitting that this weekend I mention three things I love about Canberra, as I was there as part of the Human Brochure... 
The views.

It's bike friendly. Yes, that's me on a bike.

The architecture.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting Immersed

This weekend I'm in Canberra for the Human Brochure, looking at what Australia's capital city  has to offer in the way of arts of culture. Little did I know that I'd be offering something in return in the way of art too.

Today as part of the Art Not Apart Festival held onsite at the Diamant Hotel, there were some girls painting a mural. At first I spotted them struggling with getting the last bits of paint out of the cans, so offered a few friendly tips... this then lead to me giving an impromptu art lesson in can control and colours.

Within 10 minutes I had them using the right caps, thinking about layering and they were giving each other advice from what I had taught them.

What a great way to not only enjoy what Canberra has to offer but to be able to offer something back.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Moment To Pause

Title: Embracing the Rain 2
Photographer: Adriaan C

Thinking About 2013

I'm starting to to think about what artworks to feature in my 2013 Calender, I'm running a little behind this year I know. Any thoughts on what pieces you'd like to see in it?

I hope to have it printed and ready to send out by mid November. I'll be taking pre-orders soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kaff-eine Boneyard

I'm quite a fan of  Kaff-eine and have been for sometime. It's not just her artwork that I love it's the passion she brings to the artscene. I don't want to get all gushy but I think she'll go far.

Which is why I'm super keen to check out “Boneyard”. The first solo exhibition for Kaff-eine, where she’ll be showing works that combine her distinctive characters of her street art with watercolour paint and pigment ink.

Boneyard – Kaff-eine
Where: At Just Another Project Space – 153 Greville St, Prahran
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 8 November, 7pm-9:30pm
Exhibition: Thursday 8 – Friday 30  November

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anywhere Road

To celebrate the release of UK-based HUCK magazine’s On the Road issue, they’ve teamed up with COPSON ST. to put together an exhibition that cuts to the core of skateboarding life around the globe. “Anywhere Road” features photography by female skateboarders, creating a snapshot of life on the road, by girls who live it.

If I could I would love to check out this exhibition as I find female photographers in an on-the-road setting tend to take a different kind of photo to what men take. I see lots of photography by males in surf and skate mags,  it would be interesting to see the difference.

Amongst the skaters involved in the project are Maria Falbo, Jenna Selby, Alana Paterson, Sarah Meurle, Sophie Allen, Lisa Kindberg, Michelle Pezel and Louisa Menke.

If you're in London please go check it out as I think it would be wonderful to see in person. 

Anywhere Road – A Photo Show By Girls Who Skate
Where: 71A Gallery, 71A Leonard St, London, UK
Exhibition: Thursday 25 – Monday 29 October

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ciao Retrospect Galleries

As of this month Retrospect Galleries will no longer be stocking my artwork. I've made the decision that after almost 3 years to bring my works back to Melbourne. This is part of something a little bit bigger that I can't wait to share in the near future.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Introducing 3...

We're all inspired by other people in some way shape or form. Below are three artists who inspire me each in their own unique way...


Friday, October 19, 2012

A Moment To Pause

Title: Red Robin 
Photographer: pattoise

Re-cap Art de la Roo

Art de la Roo was an outdoor exhibition that opened late last month. It shared the exploding Australian street art scene with the city of Toronto, Canada through long distance pasting.

It was wonderful to be apart of this exhibition along side other Australian artists including Asio, Be Free, Blomtrog, Burg, Celeste Potter, Claude, Erin Greer, Ero, Facter, Fezwitch, I and The Others, Joshua Smith, Kitty Art, Klara, Lifetime Stickyfingers, Lucy Lucy, Makatron, Phoenix, QWUX, Rebecca Murphy, Ruskidd, Suki and The Doctor.
The temporary works of art were sent from Melbourne to Toronto and pasted-up in surprise locations around the city. The paste-ups will were placed in places suited to the work and varied from old warehouses, alleys to city walls. If you'd like to see where the works are in relation to each other there is a map on the website.

The works were installed to coincide with the massive contemporary art event, Nuit Blanch. By the sounds of things Art De La Roo was a big success with somewhere between 100 - 150 people on bikes riding around to check out all the works.

As the exhibition was in Toronto, Canada I wanted to create some pasteups that would be relevant to the location and yet Australian. So... I've enlarged my Orca (aka Killer Whale) stencils and used my large fur seal stencil to create three paste-ups.

To check out more photos of the event visit the Art de la Roo Faceboook Page.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Round 4 of Secret Walls

I really should of shared this sooner - here is the video from the Round 4 of Secret Walls Australia between Jessica Singh Illustration and Eleven. It was such a honor to of been asked to judge it on behalf on CURVY.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Illustration Friday - Water


Illustration Friday, is where a topic is posted each and every Friday, then participants have a week to come up with their own interpretation for the topic or find something they've already created that fits. For me it's all in the name of fun and it gets me thinking about topics that generally I wouldn't illustrate or think about. Even if I don't get the time to create something, I enjoy flicking through those that have.

The current topic is Water and I think 'Orca Passing' (Spray 1 of 10) is a perfect fit.

Bye Bye Curious Oyster

Almost two years ago I became apart of the Curious Oyster Shoppe family stocking original artworks, cards, calendars, handpainted brooches and more with them.

The time has come and yesterday was the last day that the Curious Oyster Shoppe at 776 High St, Thornbury, VIC, was open for trading.

I feel so privileged to of had my pieces amongst the gorgeous range of clothing, giftware and jewellery, that had been handcrafted locally by fellow Melbourne artists, that graced the shelves in this delightful shop.

The focus of the Curious Oyster Shoppe was about showcasing Melbourne’s amazing indie art and craft community. It was a place to come and discover new and exciting creations made by unknown artists as well as old favourites from established handmade labels.

I'm as a equally sad to see them close up as shop as I'am happy for their future plans. I wish them the best of luck.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introducing 3...

Insides of a book by rafaelsoares 

Through my own art and in my role at CURVY I've noticed a few trends in illustration and art. Here are three trending themes I've noticed of late...
  1. I've seen quite a few illustrators of late drawing half submerged faces in water. Possibly illustrators are wanting to challenge themselves with the challenge that is replicating water and reflections.
  2. Neon colours on black, okay this has been trending quite some time. It just doesn't seem to be fading away just yet though. This might be due to the recent neon fashion that we're seeing on the streets and in stores.
  3. I'm seeing more and more up and coming illustrators using watercolour in their digital works. They seem to be heavily influenced by the likes of Kelly Smith and Tabitha Emma.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Off To Canberra

Looks like I'm finally getting around to seeing all that Canberra has to offer.

I've been selected as part of the 500 Humans to participate in a weekend full of Art and Culture, thanks to Visit Canberra.

It's all very exciting as I've never been to Canberra and have always wanted to go to check out the galleries there. I also get to take along a guest as a well, which makes the experience nicer. 

So far the information I've been privy to is pretty much...

"Jump the queues and enjoy personalised tours of our nation's leading cultural attractions and galleries. Explore local art and design hotspots and enjoy some of the region's best creations. Work with world-renowned artists and create a unique memento of your visit."

Though I'm starting to wonder just how much of a great experience it will be. With around 250 people on the arts and culture weekend, are we going to be piled into buses like a group of school kids - that doesn't sound like fun at all?

Concerns aside I can't wait to tell you all about my experience, though for now you can check out their website for more information.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Something Special to Celebrate

I've been a little busy of late and haven't had the time to update or maintain my shopfront on MadeIt. I finally got around to it and to celebrate I've decided to have a sale. Somewhat counter productive I know.

From now until Friday 5 October, 5pm AEST you can receive 10% off EVERYTHING in my madeit store. No codes required everything in store is on sale.You just have to head to

Hints + Tips - How I Brand Myself

People often ask me 'how is it you've branded yourself?'. Every time I hear this my eyes bulge out of my head. To be honest when it comes to myself it's nothing that I've sat down and planned, I just do it.

All the things that are typical branded items are created from what I like and what inspires me. I've not sat down in the traditional method and gone "Right, what do I stand for and I need a logo, business card, website…".

The reason for this is that I think that as an artist you're continually changing and developing, so why shouldn't everything else that makes up your brand.

Though I thought I could share with you how certain aspects of my brand came to be…

Name: Well it's my name, I tried an alias once and it just got way to messy. As for my blog, well I'm the only one that writes for it. Sure it would be nice to have something more catchy, but as it's mainly about my art, it's fine.

Logo: I changed to the current one earlier this year and it was because I wanted something simple. I love the style and look of rowing club logos. I wanted something black and white with my name somehow in it. I tried monograms, but they didn't quite work for me.

Website/Blog: This really is work in progress, I'm always tweaking bits and pieces trying to make it work better. In regards to colour and style, really depends on what I'm liking at the time and also what time of year it is. I need to work on the portfolio section of my site as there is no new works in there.

Business Card: Oh my… this changes quite a bit. I've had the Moo small business cards, ones I've printed and cut myself and some I have hand written. There is no consistency here. It depends on how much I want to spend and the time and how quickly I need them.

Tone of Voice: Well it's me and hence consistent with me. Though I'am very aware of how I come across both online and in person.

Other Businesses: I've collaborated and worked with numerous businesses and causes. I do my research before hand to see if they are good fit to what I like and enjoy, then yes I'll work with them. I've said no and pulled out of exhibitions, events and projects because the organisation clashes with my own ethics and beliefs.

I feel that with art in particular it's more about the art itself. The branding of an artist occurs as a result of the what they've created and their own personal style.

I'd like to hear how other creatives brand themselves or maybe don't at all.

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Round Up

September was a very exciting month for me with my first ever international exhibition and the CURVY Melbourne event. For those who may have missed what I've been up to here are some of my most popular posts from September...



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