Saturday, November 10, 2012

Illustration Friday - Tree

Illustration Friday, is where a topic is posted each and every Friday, then participants have a week to come up with their own interpretation for the topic or find something they've already created that fits. For me it's all in the name of fun and it gets me thinking about topics that generally I wouldn't illustrate or think about. Even if I don't get the time to create something, I enjoy flicking through those that have.

The current topic is Tree and I think 'The Golden Goose 2' is a nice fit. It is the second of the works in the set of four I created for ‘Once Upon’ held at aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney by Leeloo, a few years ago.

The work is in the style/theme that I like to call ‘is it Jack or is it Jill’ which about two children who rather than watch TV and play computer games they use their wild imaginations and high skill level of tearing apart their mothers sheet and table clothes to make wonderous things.

On a rainy winters day they are putting on a puppet show about one of their favorite Brothers Grim’s story ‘the Golden Goose’ for their favorite aunt who has come to visit for the weekend from far far away.

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