Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introducing 3...

Insides of a book by rafaelsoares 

Through my own art and in my role at CURVY I've noticed a few trends in illustration and art. Here are three trending themes I've noticed of late...
  1. I've seen quite a few illustrators of late drawing half submerged faces in water. Possibly illustrators are wanting to challenge themselves with the challenge that is replicating water and reflections.
  2. Neon colours on black, okay this has been trending quite some time. It just doesn't seem to be fading away just yet though. This might be due to the recent neon fashion that we're seeing on the streets and in stores.
  3. I'm seeing more and more up and coming illustrators using watercolour in their digital works. They seem to be heavily influenced by the likes of Kelly Smith and Tabitha Emma.

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