Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hints + Tips - How I Brand Myself

People often ask me 'how is it you've branded yourself?'. Every time I hear this my eyes bulge out of my head. To be honest when it comes to myself it's nothing that I've sat down and planned, I just do it.

All the things that are typical branded items are created from what I like and what inspires me. I've not sat down in the traditional method and gone "Right, what do I stand for and I need a logo, business card, website…".

The reason for this is that I think that as an artist you're continually changing and developing, so why shouldn't everything else that makes up your brand.

Though I thought I could share with you how certain aspects of my brand came to be…

Name: Well it's my name, I tried an alias once and it just got way to messy. As for my blog, well I'm the only one that writes for it. Sure it would be nice to have something more catchy, but as it's mainly about my art, it's fine.

Logo: I changed to the current one earlier this year and it was because I wanted something simple. I love the style and look of rowing club logos. I wanted something black and white with my name somehow in it. I tried monograms, but they didn't quite work for me.

Website/Blog: This really is work in progress, I'm always tweaking bits and pieces trying to make it work better. In regards to colour and style, really depends on what I'm liking at the time and also what time of year it is. I need to work on the portfolio section of my site as there is no new works in there.

Business Card: Oh my… this changes quite a bit. I've had the Moo small business cards, ones I've printed and cut myself and some I have hand written. There is no consistency here. It depends on how much I want to spend and the time and how quickly I need them.

Tone of Voice: Well it's me and hence consistent with me. Though I'am very aware of how I come across both online and in person.

Other Businesses: I've collaborated and worked with numerous businesses and causes. I do my research before hand to see if they are good fit to what I like and enjoy, then yes I'll work with them. I've said no and pulled out of exhibitions, events and projects because the organisation clashes with my own ethics and beliefs.

I feel that with art in particular it's more about the art itself. The branding of an artist occurs as a result of the what they've created and their own personal style.

I'd like to hear how other creatives brand themselves or maybe don't at all.

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  1. Hi Nicole, I've been thinking about this a little as I more more towards creating again (I've been working as a business coach the last few years - ha!). Before when I got loads of publicity from my branding I think that was largely because I created work that was unique to my vision and I wasn't shy about sharing that with others. Starting the blog in 2004 was so important to that too. It really helped connect me to the world and share my voice and designs. I do think always making the best work you can, being generous and being true to who you are, are essential for good branding. Well, they are for me!




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