Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting Immersed

This weekend I'm in Canberra for the Human Brochure, looking at what Australia's capital city  has to offer in the way of arts of culture. Little did I know that I'd be offering something in return in the way of art too.

Today as part of the Art Not Apart Festival held onsite at the Diamant Hotel, there were some girls painting a mural. At first I spotted them struggling with getting the last bits of paint out of the cans, so offered a few friendly tips... this then lead to me giving an impromptu art lesson in can control and colours.

Within 10 minutes I had them using the right caps, thinking about layering and they were giving each other advice from what I had taught them.

What a great way to not only enjoy what Canberra has to offer but to be able to offer something back.

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