Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anywhere Road

To celebrate the release of UK-based HUCK magazine’s On the Road issue, they’ve teamed up with COPSON ST. to put together an exhibition that cuts to the core of skateboarding life around the globe. “Anywhere Road” features photography by female skateboarders, creating a snapshot of life on the road, by girls who live it.

If I could I would love to check out this exhibition as I find female photographers in an on-the-road setting tend to take a different kind of photo to what men take. I see lots of photography by males in surf and skate mags,  it would be interesting to see the difference.

Amongst the skaters involved in the project are Maria Falbo, Jenna Selby, Alana Paterson, Sarah Meurle, Sophie Allen, Lisa Kindberg, Michelle Pezel and Louisa Menke.

If you're in London please go check it out as I think it would be wonderful to see in person. 

Anywhere Road – A Photo Show By Girls Who Skate
Where: 71A Gallery, 71A Leonard St, London, UK
Exhibition: Thursday 25 – Monday 29 October

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