Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hints + Tips - Twitter For Artists

I've been on twitter for quite a few years now and have run twitter accounts for various organisations. Over the years twitter has gone through some minor changes but the fundamentals of twitter have stayed the same. You've a limited amount of characters to use, you can follow and unfollow people, oh and you can direct message people who follow you.

For my own account (@nictatt) I've a few things I do to ensure that I'm not just blasting out stuff without thought to whether or not it will be read. Here are some of things that I keep in mind when tweeting...

• I did have my facebook page and twitter account linked at one point, though I found somethings posted on facebook didn't translate well in the world of twitter. Hence it wasn't long for me to unlink the accounts.

• Not every tweet has to be about you and what your doing, tweet about things that you find interesting and inspiring. Retweet tweets that you think you followers might be interested in. Twitter gives artists a great opportunity to not just give updates, but to show more of what goes on in their lives.

• Every so often go through who you are following, have a bit of tidy up. There might be some people you're following who you've never read a tweet from, or maybe you're no longer interested in their product. Remember who you are seen to be following represents you or your brand.

• I love a good hashtag (#), it's a great way to categorise a tweet or can be used as a punchline or feature of a tweet. Though do be mindful of too many hashtags in a tweet, try to limit yourself to two relevant hashtags. Avoid obscure phrases for a hashtag too.

• This might seem like a given and I might just be telling you to suck eggs, but here goes. Use your own artwork and designs to create your twitter backgrounds. It's a great way to show off what it is you create.

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