Friday, August 31, 2012

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Nicole Tattersall

August Round Up

For me August feels like it never really happened and that it just ran right past me. I must of been so preoccupied with everything else that I've had going on, including my solo exhibition.

Though I did have some time to so some blog posts. Here are some of the most popular posts from August...

Red Bull Special Editions Update

Several weeks ago I received a special delivery from the lovely people at Red Bull. Three cans of their new Special Editions, which will be released in stores around Australia throughout September.

The first one I tried was the Silver Special Edition (lime) which I've previously written about.

So what did I think of the other two? Well, the Blue Special Edition (blueberry) is sour and sweet at the same time, it actually tastes like what blueberries taste like. Which was a little bit of a shock to me. The Edition is not my favourite but it was nice, and I think if I was making a blueberry kinda punch, it would be one of the ingredients. 

The Red Special Edition which I had really high hopes for, kinda let me down. Isn't that always the way though. The one you expect the most from never quite meets those expectations. The flavour reminded me of the cranberry flavoured boiled lollies. It is the most intense in flavour out of the three varieties. Would I have it again? Yes, though next time on a warm summers day with some frozen cranberries thrown in.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Extra Extra Read All About It

I've been meaning to create a section on my website for quite some time now where I can show off all the press on either myself or my art. This morning I bit the bullet and made a start on the page that will feature an assortment of newspaper clippings, articles, blog posts and so on.

Over the next few weeks I'll be adding more content to this section.

You can a check it out what I've listed so far at

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Red Bull Gives My Stencils Wings

A few weeks ago I cut some stencils for Red Bull for the launch of their Special Editions with really no idea what they being used for. I was told something about them being sprayed on the side of crates, but other than that I had no other information.

Earlier this week at 12 o'clock at night just before going to bed I had a quick flick through instagram to find photos taken of said stencils.

What they had done was spray the stencils onto the sides of cargo crates, fill the crates up with ice and Red Bull Special Editions, then helicopter them into Melbourne University.

Gives me a rush knowing my stencils went across the Melbourne skyline.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painting In A Gallery

Earlier today I was at ArtBoy Gallery for my solo exhibition 'The Urban Diary of a City Miss' painting in the gallery. For the exhibition we set up my desk in the window and made it look kinda like what it does when its in my actual studio. It was really lovely to be sitting in the window painting away, not really noticing what was going past on Greville St.

I started shortly after 2pm and finished just before 4pm. During that time there were quite a few people who came in and looked around the gallery. Though there were a few memorable people who came through.

There was a mother and her two daughters that came in. It was the first time the daughters had ever been in an art exhibition. They loved it and were amazed that I had created all the work on display. Their favourite piece was 'Amazing Journey', which I told them was also my favourite too.  By being there they could ask me all sorts of questions and they did. I think if their mum allowed them to they could of sat beside me the rest of the time I was there just watching me paint. I gave them one of my 2012 calendars to share, which they asked me to sign. Children can really give you another outlook on what it is that do - I love it!

Another person who came through was Joey Thomas of Duckprint, I recently started following her on twitter. I really enjoy meeting people in person who I follow or follow me. She is such a delight and had I had time I would of loved to of sat down and had coffee with her and talked art.

So what was it I painted? I started on a watercolour piece of my parent's dog Drifter. I didn't get to finish it but I did make a good start on it. I hope to finish it over the next few weeks. When I do I'll make sure I share it with you.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Re-cap Of The Opening For The Urban Diary Of A City Miss

Last night was the opening of my solo exhibition 'The Urban Diary of a City Miss'. The theme for the exhibitions is loosely inspired by the book 'The Edwardian Lady' by Edith Holden. It features a selection of works representing the past 12 months of my life.

I want to say a huge thank you to those who braved the cold and rain to come along and show their support.

I also want to say a big thank you to Art Boy Gallery who have been fantastic in helping organise and plan the exhibition. Without them there may not of been a solo exhibition at all.

Last but not least the artists who spent time in creating collaborative works with me; Floh, Guz, Pheelix, Megan Dell, Facter, Searious Jones, Rebecca Murphy and Leanna Edwards.

A thank you also goes to CURVY for their support in promoting the exhibition.

Don't forget... the exhibition is only up this weekend, all unsold works will go into the stock rotation of ArtBoy Gallery so you will have a chance to see the works. But if you want to see the exhibition, you'd better be quick.

For something a little special, tomorrow (Sunday 19 August) I'll be popping into ArtBoy Gallery to paint in the gallery. This will be around about 2pm ish. If you happen to be the area please feel free to stop by and say hello.

We'll have some photos from the exhibition up soon on my Facebook fan page, ArtBoy Gallery's Facebook fan page and the Event Page.

A video for the exhibition can be viewed at 

If you're on Facebook visit the Event Page.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Write Up In The Local Paper

In the lead up to the opening of my solo exhibition The Urban Diary of a City Miss at ArtBoy Gallery the Stonnington Leader and Progress Leader both ran an article about the exhibition. It's so nice to have a little feature and interview in the local paper.

If you're interested in reading it online you can visit the Leader newspaper website



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