Sunday, July 29, 2012

Introducing 3...

With only just over a few weeks to go until the opening of my solo exhibition I've got quite a few things running through my head about the whole thing. I get asked if I'm nervous or how I feel as it gets nearer to opening night.

With my last solo exhibition 'Patchworked', I was quite relaxed in the lead up to it.

When  I talk to other artists everyone seems to tackle pre-exhibition nerves in different ways and has very different experiences.

So just what is going through my mind with only a few weeks away from my first solo exhibition at ArtBoy Gallery, well here are three things:

• Frames - planning how many frames I need, what styles and sizes. Need to plan ahead so that I've the frames on time. Not having frames on time can cause quite a bit of angst.
• Promotion - must send out my invite to my mailing list. A very important thing to do.
•  What will I paint on the wall at ArtBoy Gallery in the lead up to the exhibition?

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