Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hints + Tips - Pinterest For Artists

Infographic about intersting fact of Pinterest
Not so long ago I started a Pinterest account. Yes, I know I was a little slow on the up-take compared to many. I was a bit skeptical about it, why would I want to share my inspiration boards with others? I've now since changed my mind. I use it for a bevy of different reasons including but far from limited to work, my art, inspiration, ideas and to reference information.

As an artist and online content creator I've a few tips that make pinning things all worth while, for both showing off your arty skills and sharing content.

• Create boards for not just certain categories but also create boards for what it is you're pinning. I've boards set up for my blog posts, my CURVY posts, snapshots of my life, my artwork and my videos. I've given each of theses boards a suitable description that makes them search friendly too, and placed them into the most suitable categories.

• Give links in your pin descriptions, for the pins on my boards my CURVY posts and my blog posts, you'll notice I also in the description provide a link back to the article. In the description for my pins on my snapshots of my life board I include my instagram handle, as this is where the images are from.

• When you create online content make sure that it is pin worthy, so that when you pin it, it not only looks good on your board but that others might pin it too. By adding nice images that are relevant to the content you are one step closer to having that post pinned.

• Hashtag (#) relevant key words in your descriptions, these become clickable. If someone is looking at an interesting pin with #zebra and they click on it, they will be brought to a screen with images also with #zebra in their descriptions.

• To see who has pinned what from your site you just have to key a URL into your browser bar eg, for my website it's www.pinterest.com/source/nicoletattersall.com

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