Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hints + Tips - Hanging Glass Jar

I've been seeing tutorials on how to make hanging jars using string and wire every where. I wanted to share one with you but I couldn't find any that I thought were suitable. So instead I've made one myself and will take you through how I did it.

You can use these for a variety of things, though I personally like the idea of using them to create a hanging garden. Though you could use them with tea lights, herbs, for storage of small things... the list goes on.

Get all your supplies together - pliers, wire/string and of coarse some clean jars to use. I've used some wire I had laying around in my study.

Do one loop  around the jar and twist the ends together using the pliers, make sure one end is long enough to create the handle.

Now take the long over the jar and looping it thru the loop of wire you created around the jar, creating the handle, this can be as long or as short as you like. Twist the end back onto the handle using the pliers. Trim off the ends on each side so you don't have long bits of wire sticking out.

There you have it, you've yourself a hanging glass jar.

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