Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Look Back

Over my morning coffee I was going through You Tube watching a selection of short films and came across this one which documents the 9th Emptyshow. These shows ran for a period of over 5 years in Australia during the early 2000's, the period where Melbourne street art, especially stencil art was starting to come-out and show the world what it was made of. No-one had any idea who organised the shows, invitations to the opening was by word of mouth and the location was kept a secret until the very last minute. People would meet at a certain location, where they were the guided to an abandoned space that had been taken over by a bunch of street artists, who had been creative within it.

I never got to go to one, I hit the Melbourne art scene shortly after they stopped occurring, and I think with modern technology these days it would be hard to hold them with the same level of rawness. Though the Emptyshows will be forever be part of the history of Melbourne street art scene. The thing I most like about this video is that there are some pretty big names in it but not one single red dot, or price tag - it's all about the art.

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