Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hints + Tips - Go That Little Bit Further

Last Sunday I was down at the life saving club for some training. At the moment I'm one of the few ski paddlers in the club so generally I train either with my Dad, or anyone else who is down at the club willing to come along. However this time it was just me going solo. It was nice, being out on the crystal clear almost flat water seeing fish, birds and rays. It was warm and the sun was slowly making it's way across the perfect blue sky. I set off and thinking I might do some laps pole to pole. There are two no boating poles outside the lifesaving club which we use to train between. Though once I got to the far pole I changed my mind and headed towards the next lifesaving club. When I got there I pushed myself to go to the last of the bathing boxes - this is generally where I get to before turning around with my Dad. Then I could see the next life saving club and pushed on till I got there, where I finally turned around and paddled back. All up it was about a 6km paddle and not once did I fall in - compared to the week before when I spent more time in the water than on the ski.

Had I of just gone pole to pole, I wouldn't of seen all the wildlife, I also probably wouldn't of paddled the distance I did and I most certainly wouldn't of felt the same sense of achievement. Now don't get me wrong paddling pole to pole serves it's purpose especially in training, though sometimes I think you need to go that little bit further and test yourself.

It's the same with being creative, I think it's good for the soul to push your creative limits and try something that is beyond what you generally stick to. You might discover a new talent, a new style or maybe just something about yourself.

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