Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hints + Tips - Be Gracious

Me competing in Under 18's in 2000

For me as I grew up playing all sorts of sports. I was just as much rejected as accepted for things. I can remember when I was just 11 years old being bumped out of a swimming team relay because and I'm not kidding you "These girls have always competed together", yet I was the fastest swimmer. I'll be honest I cried and I tried to hide those tears by saying "I'm just tired". I'd like to say that was a one off incident but it happened a few times with various swimming groups. At the tender age of 11 I was learning to accept that no matter how good I was or how good I thought I was, sometimes other people call the shots and that I had to graciously accept them.

Even today I get rejected though now from exhibitions, markets, books ect. I do get accepted into plenty more and when I do, I do a happy dance, I also have a whinge when I don't - but only to those closest. Why? Well because you never know who is listening (or reading), could the curator who rejected you for the exhibition think you are best suited for another exhibition or maybe it just so happened that the photography of your work wasn't good enough to make it into the book, but they still loved your work. Who knows? I don't endorse sucking up or pandering but I do support being a gracious loser.

When you do get that rejection email or phone call, sure have a whinge but just be careful who to. Not everyone can win or be in everything.

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