Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Round Up

It may be July, a cold and wet time in Melbourne but there has been quite a bit going on. Including the perfect wet weather activity of reading blog posts. Here are the five most read posts from July...

Monday, July 25, 2011

How Much Is That Artist In The Window


After a morning of being inspired by a selection of the shop windows that are apart of Look. Stop. Shop. A walking trail through Melbourne’s city center that allows you to experience a series of inspiring installations by design-minded businesses for the State of Design Festival. Michelle Mulvey and I headed over to North Melbourne to Kids in Berlin where we volunteered to add a splash of colour to the shop window. The brief, was something tactile and wintery. Over a coffee and a pot of green it was decided something with clouds and rain drops, but it still had to have a handmade appearance about it. On arrival at Kids in Berlin the concept was finalised, rain drops with knitted like patterns inside them and clouds that looked like balls of wool.

It was so lovely to be able to produce artwork which has a wider scope than a wall in a gallery.

The painted window will be up until around the end of August. At which time hopefully both Michelle and I will be back painting the window at Kids in Berlin, this time with a Spring like theme.

Kids In Berlin
472 Victoria Street
North Melbourne, VIC

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today I offered my painting skills to ArtBoy Gallery to paint their window for their 1st Birthday Sale, which starts tomorrow at 10am. This is the first window I've painted in a long time and even though all it says is '1st Birthday Sale' I'm pretty happy with it. I was painting from the inside of the window, which meant everything I was painting was backwards. A big thank you goes out to the girls who popped their heads in to let me know I'd missed the 'r' in 'birthday'.

Keep an eye on ArtBoy Gallery's facebook page and website for all the goss and details of their birthday celebrations happening over the next week or so. It's been wonderful being with Art Boy Gallery since December 2010 and I wish them all the best on this momentous occasion.

P.S I'm painting another window on Monday too, can't wait to show you that one!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

State of Design Festival 2011 - Design That Moves

 Each year the State of Design Festival in Melbourne just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The reason for this I feel is that they know that it's not just the top architects, big shot advertising agencies, fashion trend forecasters and the people that design those chairs that make you think 'how on earth do I sit on it?', who are interested in innovative design. People of all walks of life, ages and demographics are interested in innovative design. The State of Design Festival with their broad program of workshops, forums, exhibitions and events, have a little something for everyone, with many of them free. 

As part of this years event 'Design That Moves' there are three key events:

Design For Everyone
Design for everyone is exactlly what it's all about. Providing activities for all ages, it's the festivalʼs public program. This is where Individuals, organisations and businesses will host exhibitions, workshops, screenings and activities that explore the importance of design and the 2011 theme, Design That Moves.

Design For Business
The business program includes talks from local and international design industry leaders and key thinkers exploring critical design issues. Workshops, activities and local experts give practical solutions to incorporate design to improve business. 
The thing I'm most excited about is that for this section of the event there will be an online television station along with the resources for the presentation of 'successful business and design collaborations'.

Design: Made: Trade 
The boutique design trade fair component of the State of Design Festival, it showcases leading furniture, fashion and industrial design brands. Located at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, it is also where a number of public events will take place and where industry talks will take place.

Throughout the 12 days of the festival. there are quite a number of items on this program I hope to be able to make it along to and I look forward to showing you pics and telling you about them through out the event. So stay tuned! 

For more information on the State of Design Festival and to check out the extensive program visit their website.



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