Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hints + Tips - PR Tips To Make Note Of

Between writing for my blog, for CURVY, my time at We Make Stuff Good and various other places, I've realised that there are some key things that make those who are good at what they do stand out even more when it comes to PR. These are just a few things that make my job so much easier when wanting to write about someone and make that person fantastic to work with.

• A press release shouldn't be longer than 1 page and no more than 1MB in size if emailing. Try to really reduce it down to the facts, add a quote and some content. I'm not kidding when I say this; I receive press releases for group exhibitions without the full list of artists, gallery address or even relevant websites such as the facebook event page and yet they'll be 3 pages long.

• Give people a chance to write about the event, sending a press release with less than a week until the event increases the chances greatly of you not having it published. When leading up to a big event, I send out a different press release about the same event about 3 months prior, another at the 1 month to go mark and the last one at at the 2 weeks to go mark. This ensures that no matter the medium they've the opportunity to write about it.

• Be timely, if someone contacts you about wanting to do an interview or featuring you work. Try to reply within 48hrs not 48days. I've found that those at the top of their field are the quickest to reply. While those who want to be at the top of their field are by far the slowest. There are deadlines even in the world of blogging, you'd hate to miss out on a feature because you were too slow to reply.

• This is more of a tip than a what to avoid doing. Keep a folder in an easy to find location on your computer with current photos of you, your studio, lifestyle like shots and your work, in different sizes. This will make it much easier for you to respond to requests for images.

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