Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hints + Tips - Be Found

Recently when looking for creative people to contact about projects or to feature them I've noticed about 60 - 75% of people I come across are impossible to contact or make it very hard to contact them. I wonder how many opportunities that they've missed out because people can't contact them.

Here are a few things that I wish people did to make it easier for me to show their wonderful work to the world:
• Wherever you are on the internet eg. The Loop, Etsy, Red Bubble, MadeIt, make sure that people know about your website.
• Have your email address accessible to the general public.
• If your on twitter, have a facebook fan page or use any other social media, where appropriate list them too.
• Get a friend to check out your sites ect. to give you feedback on how accessible your information is.
• Make it easy for people to contact you, though do keep in mind that you do have have to be safe on the net. Don't put up a whole pile of private contact information out there eg. home address
• On your website or blog have a contact page where you list all your relevant contact information. This is something I recently did myself.

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