Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Addition

This is the latest furry addition to to family, his name is Manuel and he'll just like Nickel will be hanging out with me in my studio. We're currently getting them use to each other. Manuel came from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and the staff there were just so lovely. They let me come in with Nickel for two bunny dates, after the second we had a good feeling that this will work. Already Manuel and Nickel have been snuggling and cleaning each other.

Though as Manuel has only recently been desexed he is spraying, trying to do things to Nickel that she wants nothing to do with and is being a little hormonal. Though in about a months time he should of calmed down. Other than that he is quite the little gentleman.

Keep your eyes out for another rabbit stencil, I can't have a stencil of one and not the other.

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