Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Short Trip

Sealion Pup at Seal Bay

If you follow me on twitter you may have caught my tweet "Haven't tweeted in 3 - 4 days and yet I've more followers???". That in it self isn't so exciting but the reason why I hadn't tweeted in 3 - 4 days was. We'd taken a 3 night trip to Kangaroo Island located just off the coast of South Australia. We were treated with glorious weather each day. With the cool yet sunny weather we got see lots of different types of Australian wildlife.

Snake Lagoon Hike

I seriously can't remember when I last did so much walking and climbing over rocks. There are so many hikes and walks you can do throughout the island. We did a short walk around Cape Du Couedic, the Snake Lagoon Hike, the start to Platypus Waterholes Walk, the Curly Creek Walk and some smaller walks around the island. The one I recommend most is the Snake Lagoon Hike, it's a moderate hike and took us about 2 hrs but was well worth it. You walk alongside rapids and falls which lead towards the beach. Sometimes you can see water-dragons, but sadly we did not.


The wildlife on the island is what got me more excited than anything. Though I think I pointed at more rocks, little waves and small bushes saying it was some sort of animal than actually pointing out an actual animal. So much so that when I spotted a pod of about 20 bottlenosed dolphins making their way along the coast no one believed me, until they were in closer range to actually see them properly.
We saw Little Penguins, Koalas, Western Grey and Kangroo Island Kangaroos, Echidnas, Dolphins, Sealions, NZ Fur Seals, Wallabies, Black Swans, Gallahs, Black Cockatoos, Geckos, Geese and other Australian native birds.

Ligurian Bees

Agriculture on Kangaroo Island is much different to on the mainland, there are tiny specialized farms, which explore new ways of producing small crops of both traditional and unusual products, such as lavender, olive oil, eucalyptus oil and much more. In addition to agriculture, there are small-scale sheep farming, dairy farming, marron (crayfish) farming, and beekeeping which have thrived there, as have a handful of wineries. On our trip we sampled some local produce and bought back with us to Melbourne half a dozen bottles of wine, eucalyptus oil, variety of sauces and honey.

I feel all inspired from the trip and am looking forward to creating some new works inspired by what I did and saw on Kangaroo Island. Oh and so why didn't I tweet for 3 - 4 days? There is no mobile phone reception in the South of the island, which actually was quite nice.

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