Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hints + Tips - Optimum Productivity for Freelances


Recently as you may know I have become unemployed and am looking for part-time work in either Events Management, Social Media, Graphic Design, PR, Marketing or Fundraising. I've had a variety of different roles in the past and for some odd reason as much as they look like they don't go together they do. Whilst I've been looking for a new job I've managed to become a freelancer. This was not planned and it just happened, which I'm very grateful for, as I think sitting at home working on my own projects day in day out whilst looking for work, might just send me batty. The good thing for me is that I'am quite self driven and that's kept me stay on top of all the things that make up my life.

Recently whilst over at Freelance Folder I came across a useful article about squeezing the most out of your day as a freelancer, which can also be modified to suit any work situation I think. My favourite point is number 8 which is about striving for a work life balance. Often I hear other freelancers whinging that they have to work public holidays, that they have no weekend ect. I think it's all a state of mind and if they really wanted to create time to go to the beach they could.

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