Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hints + Tips - A beginner's guide to using Twitter

Tess over at the Creative Womens Circle has put together 15 tips to form a quick and easy to follow beginners guide to using twitter.

My favourite is...

13. The hash (#) symbol before a word is called a hashtag, and are used as a way to categorise a tweet. You can click on a hashtag to view tweets by anyone, anywhere who has used that same hashtag in their tweet.

Hey everyone, @_cwc has announced a new Creative Women’s Circle #event! (Note that if there is a space or punctuation mark in a hashtag, it will break the hashtag's link)

But sometimes, a hashtag is used as a punchline or feature of a tweet. It might catch on, it might not! E.g.

Hey everyone, @_cwc has announced a new Creative Women’s Circle event! #cwceventsareawesome
The only thing that I would add is not to worry if  you loose a few followers it's when you loose 50 in a few minutes you should worry. The more you use twitter the more you'll see people come and go.

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