Sunday, June 26, 2011

Running Out Of Air

My artwork is going on a country retreat for the month of July. I've a selection of works heading to Mad Gallery in Lancefield to be in a duo exhibition with Georgia Laughton.

'Running out of Air' is based on the oceans and how it lures humans in, often we are all drawn to it - unable to explain its pull, to explain what draws us to it. Yet, despite this passion and love for the ocean, our lifestyles are contributing to the destruction of the oceans - overfishing, pollution and client change leading to the rising temperature in the oceans and the acidification of them. The oceans are our planets lungs, and yet we are killing them at a rapid rate, and yet are people willing to change their lifestyles or cultures?

Georgia recently went to Taiji, Japan in March 2011. Witnessing and unable to do anything as dolphins are herded into the killing cove, where they are slaughtered so the people of Japan can eat mercury tainted meat. Other dolphins are captured and taken to lead a shortened life in capitivity to make us humans laugh. These works are an exploration and an expression of her frustration towards a spiral of cruelty that humans are placing on the world, using oil and acrilics and rocks collected at the time of her visit to the Cove.

Reoccurring themes in my work are animal rights and the protection of the environment, heavily influenced by my time spent at various beaches, surfing, her family, trips away, Melbourne's urban jungle and world news. The pieces I'll in 'Running out of air' are a representation of the surfing culture, the fight of native animals vs introduced species and the overall appreciation for creatures in general.

I would love to see you at the opening on Sunday 10 July, 2-5pm. 

Running out of Air 
Mad Gallery, 19 High Street, Lancefield
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 10 July, 2-5pm
Exhibition: Monday 4 - Thursday 21 July
Websites:, and

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