Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hints + Tips - SEO's

Recently I've been chatting a bit about SEO's and about creating relative content to other creatives, those I work with and people in general. After reading a recent post on Pro Blogger 'Traffic: Stop Thinking in Numbers, Start Thinking in Words' I got thinking a bit more on my take regarding search engine optimisation. It partly reinforces my theory 'that by doing what you do and writing about what it is you do, in the end the right people will find you.' You just have to give them reason to hang around, look at other posts/products/pages and ideally make them want to come back!

The same goes when labeling products on sites like Etsy and MadeIt or photos on Flickr. If I'm looking for something with a rabbit on it and I come across a product with a rabbit on it and its what I like, then yes, I will click and maybe even take a look around. Once I make that click its up to you with what content you have to encourage me to stay there and have me wanting to come back. In turn if I'm searching for something with a cat on it, I want to see to see something with a cat on it, not something that is obscurely related in a round about way to a cat. In my mind I see this as a type of spam.

You need to think about your target audience and who it is that reads your blog, buys your products, comments on your photos, replies to your tweets. Theses are the types of people you want to attract. At the end of the day you can have 50,000 blog followers but if no-one is commenting and no-one is engaging it's all just numbers.

Here are some quick bits of advice in general for improving quality views of what ever it is you do:
• regularly update, add new stock to your online shop weekly, blog daily, tweet when ever ect. 
• mix it up, if you have the same description for every product in your online shop then you could be missing out on possible visitors, though don't forget your keys words. Its good to have a handful of key words which directly relate to what it is you do to increase your relativity to the search.
• if you don't have hours to work out SEO's don't worry, just do what comes natural, write relative and consistent content and the right people will find you.
• avoid the 'what ifs' just because someone might one day search cats but could come across your tuna earrings and love them doesn't mean using cat as a key words is going to be effective. Your much better off putting in saltwater fish which is more relative to the searches done by people who will be interested in your earrings.
• don't get bogged down in what your call the product, I write content for a charity that likes to always use the words Opportunity Shop rather than the other variations. This is used in headings and in the first few paragraphs, but then it will ease off and become Op Shop ect. It's still relevant and allows for people who use the phrase Op Shop rather than Opportunity Shop to find the site. 
• use your feeback from Google Analytics when compiling your key words, it will give you an idea of what people searched to find you and how long they stayed when they did. 

I do hope that you've found the above helpful and should you have any other tid bits of advice relating to SEO's I'd love to hear them! So please do comment below. 

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