Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hints + Tips - Connecting

Something I was thinking about over the weekend whilst typing together a long list of what I do regarding social networking was whether the small things I do in connecting with people is what others do. I'd love to hear your feedback on these small little things that I believe help put the social back into social networking:
• every few weeks I see via analytics who has linked to my blog and visit theirs to see what they've posted and if if its something I really like, support ect. then I'll either follow, bookmark or leave a comment or sometimes all three!
• once a week I go through my recent followers on twitter and se if their is someone whoes following me that I should be following an isn't
• on twitter I'll sometimes thank recent followers and mention them in a tweet
• i also on twitter promote people who I think are amazing and have just started
• if someone offers me advice, comments or just connects with me on my blog, facebook, twitter ect. I'll acknowledge them
• when possible i love meeting with people who i connect with online in the real world whether it be at events, exhibitions or even over a cup of coffee

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