Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hints + Tips - The No-One Shits On My Happiness Rule

"It’s striving to live in dynamic harmony, rather than in pointless combat." - Ming-Zhu Hii

Most of you will be aware of my undying gratitude to Ming-Zhu Hii, an artist and entrepreneur with a passion for getting creative people happy, prolific and successful. Her recent post over at The Public Studio titled 'The No-One Shits On My Happiness Rule' is something I relate to and I'll be honest I've been on both sides. It is well worth a read for any creative wanting to get some advice on dealing with the bullshit that comes with being part of any part of group these days.

I also agree with the part about open communication being the key. It reminded me of when I was in High School and approached a girl who was bitching about me behind my back. I told her she didn't need to fear saying it to my face. She stood there like a stunned mullet and didn't say anything. Had it been that important she would of said it to me. In giving her the chance to do so and her staying tight lipped, showed it mustn't of been all that important.

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